6 business analyst best practices for newbies: requirements, interactive prototypes & more

“Business Analyst” — The original title used for what we now call “Product Managers” which for some strange reason, has also become “Product Design Managers.”

What happened to Creative Directors? Is there such thing as a “Product Design Manager?”

Who manages the design expectations of the Business Analyst? Who manages their “design” output?

What’s a good ratio of BA/PM to Designers?

I ask because all too often there is a pattern which emerges when a company wants to “expand their team” and typically it entails hiring many more managers than there are designers. I would say the typical ratio, in my experience, has been at least 3:1, sometimes more.

Design has now fallen under Business Management, which is in my opinion, detrimental to design success. Managers are facilitating roles that would have otherwise been fulfilled by a lead creative, or someone who understands that design is more than “makeing it pop,” or that UX is not “moving things around so they’re easier to use.”

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