They favor mobile design: Yep, everything is mobile these days. But many of us UX designers are still doing web-based desktop design and that’s not changing any time soon. Where are the UI Kits for web apps? Where they do exist, desktop UI kits are rarely scalable
UI Kits Suck*
Jon Moore

… so true. This is also the case with most “New” prototype tools like InVision’s Sketch Plugin, Craft.

Mobile First drives me nuts because so many apps and kits focus on the latest iOS or Android OS. Yeah, mobile first, ok ok we get it, most companies don’t get it, and neither do some designers.

Mobile First has more to do with the business model than the design. The product exists solely on mobile. Tinder, Bumble, Uber, Lyft, Pokemon Go, Bloomthat, Saucy, MyFitnessPal, AirBnB, Instagram, Acorns, etc etc etc.

How quickly we forget about the critical applications we use on our desktops. The list is massive, and new data rich applications are being buikt constantly.

All this should align with exactly what I highlighted. Every damn thing is mobile now, yet not everything is designed for mobile first, or at all.

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