I’m starting to explore skills, but unfortunately Alexa’s app just lists a bunch of skills by category which means I need to look at each one and figure out if it’s what I want, instead of allowing me to search by interests.
Me and My Echo
Carol Rossi

This has changed IIRC. I can now search for skills. Unfortunately 99% of the available skills are guessing games, riddles, and/or other useless applications. Some apps are very specialized, like “Chicago Subway Delays” or whatever, not entirely useful outside of…you guessed it… Chicago.

A huge issue I’ve had is the lack of “find me a better price” or “prime only” options when asking her to buy something. I don’t use Amazon for Costco sized purchases (think paper towels, laundry detergent, toilet paper) because I don’t trust that I’m going to get a fair price without first comparing it to other prices online.

I too am adding a dot to my bedroom so that I no longer have to spin up the P-Hue(no pun intended) app every time I want to turn the lights up or down in my bedroom. I’ve even considered getting the “smart” plugs but realized that most dumb devices I own are at least smart enough to not turn back on when the power goes out then back on (think a fan or TV).

Alexa is great at cooking measurements, unless it involves multiple fractions, like “Alexa, what is 1/3 of 3/8th” — She often thinks I’m asking what is 1/3 of the 8th or something not quite accurate.

Most importantly, while I’m here, The biggest thing missing from Echo/Amazon is a simple IFTTT style Skill Creation space/platform. Their AWS documentation is absolutely horrible, and it requires a bit of know how to build even the most simple applications. “Alexa, [action][appName][condition]” or whatever/however it works.

Thats enough for me today. Hopefully I didn’t completely hijack the convo.

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