Stop designing in Sketch. Design in the Browser.
Peter Assentorp

Totally begging the question and stating an argument backed by facts which in only support your argument.

I completely disagree, and wholeheartedly believe the open nature of sketch makes it far more viable than any browser based design app.

Focus on collaboration within the confines of team work. Oh wow, we can design together… who’s ADHD ass process uses other users input to be successful, WHILE working? No thank you. This promotes over the shoulder designing and drive by feedback.

I’ll pass. I prefer to structure my process well enough to allow my team to work without my oversight, and conduct proper design feedback loops.

The last thing I want is wrestling with anchor points, watching someone else move things to places I don’t want to see things, yada yada yada…

I want to work on the road. Until broadband data, solid browser response times, extendability, and complete control of my design files become a reality (common place), I’ll pass.

This, and the fact none of the designers I’ve worked with in the last 4 years want to A) learn a new tool, or B) want to deal with the in-browser collaborative micro-design.

Take one look at the UXPin workflow. If you or your team have any experience with this type of work, you’re going to stand up and walk away.

These posts are completely driven by sales and marketing. Sorry, not gonna work.

Adobe+Sketch+Axure+InVision+Principle+Framer+HTML+CSS+React+JS… the last thing we need is another non-standard, browser based, micromanagement cargo cult application.


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