You broke my heart but I still love you

You broke my heart, but I still love you

We met as kids

Grew up together. I showed you my sadness, you showed me your pain.

It was always you and I and me and you. We had friends and family surrounding us when we officially became Mr and Mrs

We met as kids, grew up together and became 1

We were fine. Not great. Decently decent. But you and I were still you and I and to I, that is all that mattered.

Then life put us in the middle of a storm we could not survive. Buried feelings were finally said, confessions were revealed and sadness overcame who and what we used to be.

We changed. You’re different now. I’m different now. I see you and see a new person in every good and bad way. How could you.

You broke my sensitive heart that once bled for you eternally.

In my darkened corner of my side of the couch, I began thinking. Thinking, reliving, imagining, wondering. If I decide to leave, what happens to everything and us?

We met as kids and grew up together. Vows containing “for better, for worse” were said and meant years ago. I’ve been there for better, this is the worse.

I looked within myself to see if I was




To give us and you another chance.

And I decided yes.

I poured my heart out to you, you heard my every fear, insecurity and worry. The deep, dark hidden secrets I didn’t want to burden you with.

You apologized, admitted regret and said what we built together 10 years ago is still worth fighting for. I agreed.

You confessed how surprised you were that I haven’t changed my mind yet and or realized perhaps maybe this is too much for us to overcome. I looked you dead into your tear soaked eyes and said I was giving this my all and would not change my stance.

We hugged. We kissed. 2broken people, reunited, holding hands as they both walk into the storm together, knowing there is hope, peace and above all, love at the end of it.

I’m putting my heart on the line for you. You’re putting your heart on the line for me. For better, for worse.

We met as kids

We grew up together

You broke my heart, but I still love you.