HomeSF: A Place for Everyone (even on the west side)

Want everyone in SF to have a home? So does Supervisor Katy Tang. Her HomeSF legislation would help clear the way for more market as well as below-market-rate development — and do so in SF’s hyper NIMBY West Side neighborhoods.

The HomeSF program would let developers exceed current height restrictions by two stories in exchange for 30% of the new units being provided at below market rates. There are some additional stipulations designed to make the subsidized units friendlier to families (see here for all the wonky details), but big picture this is a way to permit more housing in parts of the city that need it most. Naturally, because this is the Bay area and a new housing unit killed everyone’s parents, this legislation won’t pass without a fight.

The Sunset: low rise construction and NIMBYism as far as the eye can see

On May 8th, HomeSF will come up for review by the San Francisco Land Use committee and we can expect NIMBY homeowners to come out with the torches and pitchforks. Here’s how you can help keep the angry villagers at bay:

And before you ask, yes, these things actually matter. When all that elected officials ever hear is “no” to new housing, it’s hard for them to even contemplate the idea that pro-housing voters even exist. The more we engage, the more that perception changes, and the easier this process becomes.

Required Listening:

Supervisor Katy Tang explaining her HomeSF legislation on INFILL