On Taking it Slow, and SELF- Centered Living.

I want to flip the script on SELF-centered-ness.

I’ve been listening a lot recently to Jennifer Kass, this amazing Buddhist/ spiritual leader who speaks of the importance and value of turning inwards. One of her core theses is that by turning in, listening to ourselves through yoga and meditation, and seeking internal answers to challenges, we’ll be better off.

This is a topic that is especially meaningful to me as I’ve fallen away from the topics/ ideas and values that are most important to me in my professional life. This has caused a chain of events, leading to a move across the country to be closer to family, and a shift away from the line of work I’ve been in for the past six years. And immense opportunity to rest and reflect.

It’s much easier to focus internally, to be SELF-centered when you don’t have the daily demands of work expectations. As I transition into a new role in a new organization, I find myself falling back into old patterns of reactivity, people pleasing and overlooking my own needs to serve others. And, just as before, it’s doing more harm than good.

So I want to redefine this notion of SELF-centered living… not as in ego driven living, but as in nurturing and taking care of self first living. This means daily practice of meditation, getting ample rest and exercise, and focusing first and foremost on the things I need to make me whole and fulfilled. Hopefully this will encourage me to slow down, be more mindful, and not be driven by external influences or reactivity. And letting this sense of focus and calm unfold from the inside out.

Less is more, and more SELF-centered-ness is good.