Andela Bootcamp Day 2 , My Journey so far…

The day started quite wet and cool and I didn’t what was in store for in day 2 of the boot-camp. The journey has become become very intense and I can say I am a different person today than I was last week.

I completed the coding challenge quite early in the morning and it was very intense and challenging but I got around to completing it and submitting. The first algorithm I wrote was the most challenging I have written in this boot-camp till date.

After completion of the algorithm I was tasked with creating a single command line application that made use of an API. It was another challenge but I was definitely up for it. I had to watch some tutorials and read some articles to be able implement an HTTPS request on JavaScript. I learnt a lot from today’s challenge because I had to bust the bubble I was in to learn something new and it was quite an interesting experience.

All in all it has been quite a productive day and I look forward to attacking the next challenge tomorrow.

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