First Week at Andela

I never thought I would get this far in the application process but here I am starting work as Andelan, Wow ‘I need sometime to soak up all the excitement I am feeling right now’. The selection process were grueling and highly competitive but I came I conquered and I will continue to conquer here at Andela.

The week has been a very busy, overwhelming and scary all at the same. Hearing from senior developers at Andela about What is all about shows that I am privilege to be at the forefront of the technological revolution going in Africa. In Andela ‘we own our learning’, there is no limitations to what we can learn. It depends solely on the individual and the mindset he/she has.

This week has given me a big picture of what to expect from Andela and what Andela expects from us fellows. Right now as I am writing this blog, I engaged in a project which required me to learn a new technology in a short space of time and deliver it so that it exceeds expectations. I was a little overwhelmed of the challenge but I am definitely up for it and hope to exceed expectations.

We new fellows have already been schooled that the next three months for us is going to be the most challenging and difficult journey we have a ever encountered professionally and I look forward to challenge. Before I forget the food here at Andela has been awesome and I am currently enjoying myself here. This is Andela #TIA.

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