5 minute social media audit (instructions inside!)

Hi again!

Let’s do a quick audit of your social media. This’ll be uber fast, trust me.

This checkup is to make sure all your networks are connected! That way your fans can find and follow you using their preferred platform. Lots of people I’ve found on Twitter but prefer to talk to them via FB or stay up to date using soundcloud or feedly. Anyway, let’s get started!

Step 1

Find all your social channels and open them in browser tabs. Website, Twitter, Facebook, IG, Snapchat, G+, LinkedIn, Reddit, FB Groups, Twitch, and everything. Bookmark and save in a folder if needed.

Step 2

Look at the profile section (profile on FB, link on twitter, soundcloud links).

Step 3

Update all the profiles to include all your social channels! Or use the most popular one in the case of Twitter that allows one URL. Websites are usually the best bet because a site can house all the links. Plus, traffic. Google analytics all that sexy traffic.

Step 4

Click (or tap) all the links to make sure they’re working.


Extra work for specific channels


Use the native colors and brand assets for each channel. Yes, a cute red FB logo is adorable when your brand uses red but won’t be as recognizable to people who don’t know your brand or are hunting for the natural FB logo color. Simply google “brand assets” + “facebook” (or whatever channel) to find the icons and colors.

Place icons in the header and footer at a minimum. 94% of mobile users don’t read footers but see headers whereas desktop users go straight for a footer for social networks, contact us page, job page, and so forth.


You’ll want to drop text in the description but also shamelessly plug your other networks at the beginning or end of the podcast. If you use humor and make it sound less like a commercial your fans will appreciate it! My favorite is soundcloud but a lot of podcasters use iTunes and Stitcher. If I ever get an iPhone again, I’ll be using iTunes. This is why it’s important to list all the ways to find you.

That’s it! You’re done!

If you’ve a specific question, drop me a line.

Go forth and have an amazing weekend. ❤