On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

It’s always refreshing to read a piece from an informed younger person.

While the recent swiftboating of Hillary Clinton is certainly responsible for a great deal of visceral hatred, (she enjoyed a record high approval rating, 62% as Senator and Secretary of State,) an equally devastating crime by our media machine may be the neglect they showed towards the criminal Republican Congressional Obstruction assault.

Few sources reported this thoroughly, instead choosing to frame it as 'government disfunction’ to placate the ever-trendy American anti-gubbermint tradition. Chasing FOX News’ ratings, became a click bait obsession.

All attempts in Congress by Democrats and our President were progressive, and all attempts were stopped dead. You can ask Democratic critics to simply examine the congressional record for themselves. They didn’t trouble themselves to vote in 2010 or 2014 either.

Corporatist Republicans have grabbed a permanent hold on the majority of State Governments, dangling minimum wage jobs as a means to buy obesity inducing junk food, and media toys, (until they kill the minimum wage, that is.)

This strategy of enraging the electorate is deliberate, aggressive, has been understood by only a minority of people. (It began in earnest after the Tobacco Industry was slightly injured for deliberately poisoning people.) With one more office, the handover of our rights as humans will be final. All it takes is racism and isolationism to keep the assault strong. These hyenas have several more major election cycles to get 'er done too. That’s the real bad news. This will go on long after Trump. Only the Democrats, and what will be corporate human fodder are in true danger here.

You are much more kind to Hillary Haters than I will be, Mr. Loeb.

But a sincere thank you for trying.