10 Things to Think about in Week 7

Hello everyone welcome back for this week’s edition of what you need to know in the NFL. This week I will get your head into this week in the NFL. The NFL this season has been shaping up to be a tight race from all divisions. Here are the 10 things you need to know:

  1. One of the first topics is the Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliot. This whole season it has been the drama between Ezekiel Elliot and his off the field issues. Most recently, Elliot was handed his six game suspension (again) for a domestic violence case in the past. Elliot was granted a second restraining order on Tuesday, October 17th which gives Elliot eligibility against the San Fransisco 49ers. Another court hearing will be held next month which gives Dallas another couples games with their star running back.
  2. The Los Angeles Rams. Who would’ve thought by week 7 the Rams would be in first place in the NFC West? The team is sitting on a 4–2 record and has a vital rivalry matchup against the recently hot Arizona Cardinals. But what is there not to like about the Rams? Young and talented players on offense and defense that are playing with fire and ready to go on Sunday’s.
  3. Speaking of Arizona, the new look Arizona Cardinals are making big moves for a push in the division! As the Cardinals are sitting a game behind the Rams for first place in the division, they go out and trade for future hall of famer Adrian Peterson. This is a big week for both the Cardinals and the Rams, expect a well fought match up at 1 p.m. ET on FOX.
  4. Controversial call in New York gives the Patriots a close call victory over the Jets. The defending Super Bowl champions have not played themselves this year with the 32nd ranked total defense and again completely relying on Tom Brady. How much can the 40 year old take after sneaking victories out of the Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? He has been sacked 16 times through five games this season and he needs all the help he can get especially with an atrocious defense.
  5. As we head into week 7 we see the NFC East turning out into something not many expected. The Philadelphia Eagles are 5–1 and are first in the NFC East with a 1.5 game lead over the second place Redskins. The Eagles are riding a four game winning streak and are putting it up to test against Kirk Cousins and the Redskins.
  6. A big blow happened for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon as star quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone versus the Minnesota Vikings. The show must go on for the Packers unfortunately which means putting faith into the hands of former UCLA standout Brett Hundley. This will be the first start for the third year professional player against the New Orleans Saints. If Hundley doesn’t seem to be fit, does this open the opportunity to sign a free agent quarterback like Colin Kaepernick?
  7. The NFC South holds defending NFC champion Atlanta Falcons, former NFC champion Carolina Panthers, former dominant New Orleans Saints, and young Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Who wants the NFC South this year? All teams are within one game from each other and it will only get closer from this point forward. The Panthers look like the former NFC champion team, the Saints are actually playing defense along with Drew Brees being himself, and the Buccaneers are beginning to figure out their problems on both ends of the ball. The Atlanta Falcons however are not looking like themselves, losing the last two games to the Bills and the Dolphins. This week they play the New England Patriots which will see how the Falcons start to get back on track.
  8. As the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, there is no longer an undefeated team in the NFL. Which begs the question; who is the number one team in the NFL right now? Many experts still believe the Kansas City Chiefs but do not look away from the high flying Eagles either.
  9. As all the division in the NFL are within a tight race into October, the question coming into week 7 is who is going to standout in the NFL? Expect the Eagles, Chiefs, Vikings, and Panthers to show the NFL that they are the dominant teams this year. This is different compared to the last few years when New England has been the team to beat since Brady has been the quarterback in Foxborough.
  10. Finally, who is going to win a game first? The Browns or the 49ers? The 49ers play the Dallas Cowboys at home on Sunday and the Cleveland Browns play against the Tennessee Titans at home. As excited as the 49ers will be to play America’s team at home expect Dallas to be ready to play after the bye week. Also expect the Titans to run all over the Browns shaky defense, also with absolute no confidence at the quarterback position do not expect the Browns to score more than 10 points. That being said, the 49ers will find a win before the Browns this year in the NFL.