Vicks=Perfect Solution for Mothers

Whether they realize it or not, people are exposed to hundreds of ads each day. Although this is true, many people don’t even recognize the fact that these ads even exist around them. Creating an effective advertisement is extremely important for a product so that it is able to sell better than its opponents. Medicine is usually advertised in similar ways- the ads consist of a sick person who takes the medicine and suddenly feels better. Vicks took a different approach on its ad in order to try to beat its competition. Vicks uses many crucial details and strategies in order to make its ad, for the most part, effective.

It is clear that this ad targets young mothers with multiple children who are always on the go. The headline “Moms don’t take sick days. Moms take DayQuil and NightQuil” definitely relates to all mothers because they know that their children depend on them all day long, so there really isn’t time to be sick, especially if they have many young children. The USP is that mothers can have a successful day with their children and still be able to get a good night sleep if mothers take this medicine.

The placement of the camera is one reason why this ad is so effective. The camera is eye-level, making it easy for all mothers to relate to the mother in this ad. All mothers with young children know how hectic each day can be, and all mothers want to get a good night sleep after a stressful day, especially if they’re dealing with a cold. The arrangement in this ad is well done, too. The eye first goes to the top section with the kids and mother and goes straight down to the mother sleeping and the Vicks medicine. The lighting in the top half is brighter and the bottom half is darker because Vicks is showing that their medicine works during all times of the day. The mother frames the medicine, which is also effective because mothers are the target audience. The color on the bottom half with the product is a cool blue color, making the target audience feel relaxed and reassured.

The main appeal in this ad is need to nurture. This ad appeals to mothers who want to nurture their children at all times. When mothers are sick, they usually aren’t able to give a full effort in taking care of their kids. Vicks is showing that their medicine allows mothers to still be a fully involved mother by multi-tasking during the day and getting sleep at night. Another appeal used in this ad is need for guidance. The mother in this ad is showing all mothers that they shouldn’t be worried about getting sick because Vicks medicine will take care of them.

Although this ad is extremely effective, there is one aspect of this ad that could have been better. People tend to look at the bottom left corner the least and the bottom right corner the most. That being said, to really be perfectly effective, the Vicks logo should be at the bottom right corner so that it is the last part of this ad that people will see.

For the most part, this ad is very effective. The fact that this ad shows that mothers can have both a successful day and night while dealing with a cold really sets this product apart from the others. The appeals of need to nurture and need for guidance really fits well with mothers. The placement of the camera lets mothers relate and the colors used are very relaxing. Vicks has definitely gave their product an edge over the others because of the countless strategies that their ad uses. Therefore, it is predicted that Vicks will have more demand for their product whenever mothers are battling a cold.

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