How the World’s Governments Delivered a Blow to the Revolution: The Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, “It’s a Trap!” Why has nobody deeply questioned the reasoning behind a rise of a fabricated currency at the midst of an uprising in public opinion? It seems as if the world of the internet revolutionist suddenly believed they had won the battle of Gettysburg when the crypto currency rose over 2000%, from around $50 to over $1000 in a matter of months. In a cheer of celebration, the typical response was that it’s rise was because of it catching onto the mainstream. Mostly thanks to the increasing knowledge of an online drug trade. In reality if you were to look at the situation without a bias eye you can easily interpret that this sudden rise was from the hands of the government’s themselves, if not the entire Bitcoin development and trend. They have used ideas the revolutionist hated; money, wealth, and power, to weaken the ambition of the revolution. By suddenly creating an idealistic shift in the balance and fashioning a new group of the “rich and powerful”. They have taken a baseball bat to the back of the head of the revolution. They have sedated the voices of millions by handing them a piece of the root of evil. They created a false sense of victory by distracting the ones who held the keys by giving them the lives of their enemy. The idea of a currency unregulated by the government and federal reserves should sound too good to be true while these governments still stand in power, but a blind eye has been casted upon these revolutionist by allowing them to access a taste of “freedom”.

It should be clearer than the sun in a cloudless sky that this has been completely manufactured by the Governments and Corporations that they had set out to disassemble. They have given you a part of what you stood to bring to justice and in doing so they have turned your engines to idle and only added fuel to their own ships. They are the ones who have profited the most off this rise of a “new balance” as they are the ones who created, manipulated, and still control its stature. It was their elaborate plan to feed off the needs of many revolutionist and that was to only live the financially free life of their oppressors. It has proven that many were not in the battle to make a change but rather to join the ranks of the tyrants.

It is true that money talks and here it has spoken louder than words or actions.

I could also go on about how the rise in the online black market led to many, oppressing citizens of their own countries, in order to climb the financial and social ladder, but that is a topic of its own.

Many will read an article such as this and put it off as a sense of jealousy and envy that the writer might not have achieved the same benefits as others from this shift. I can promise you that this could be further from the truth as it’s opportunity flashed in my face day and night for years, and I also benefited from the success just as others. Although eventually realizing its true meaning I avoided following down the wrong path. I mean sure being able to take that trip to some exotic area had made life seem to have greater meaning. Also the fact that you can now participate in the benefits of capitalism by investing and acting as the ones you once protested and held hatred against. You feel as if this has given your personal lives meaning and worth and to most that is what this was all about, personal gain. I have made the personal choice to eventually evade this route and give up what most have taken for granted in order to stand for what I still believe in. So here I am speaking the truth at only the cost of myself. Our world still stands as a place where individual needs come before society as a whole. I mean sure it’s great that you are able to keep your family financially stable and live comfortably, but just a few years ago weren’t you fighting for society as a whole? Also without surprise many of these newly achieved millionaires haven’t spent their time glamorizing their achievement of financial gain.

The last statement leads me to my next point, the point of the “new balancers” belief that they are less greedy than their counterpart. From a bird eyes point of view this stands true. Instead of buying Ferraris, oversized houses, and high end fashion many are simply sitting on their money and/or investing into businesses that feed off the lower class they were once apart of. You suddenly saw a rise in obscene stores such as the endless amount of E-cig and “Vape” shops spawning across the country. Basically my point is that just because you aren’t exposing your wealth for various reasons such as, avoiding criminal chargers from tax evasion, money laundering, or drug trafficking, you’re a hoarder, or you just don’t have a care for possessions. This doesn’t resonate that you are somehow different or a better human, as the process to create a thriving and progressive economy and society stems from pumping money back into such economy in order to push it forward. What if after Steve Jobs or Bill Gates made their millions from inventing the personal computer they said, “ok I’ve got money now I’m just going to sit back and invest in housing and established consumer businesses.” If that need and ambition to continue to further the progression of their visions simply stopped as they had reached a level of comfort, were would our society be technologically? Taking a somewhat generic quote from a Marvel movie, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Now in my personal opinion Jobs and especially Gates made many bad moves in certain aspects of their developments, leading to the benefit of the oppressors, especially in terms of public privacy and business, but in terms of what they achieved in the mass consumer technological department, they achieved greatness. They put a computer into every average Americans house, along with the current rise of the smartphone over the last 7+ years and successfully adapted the commercial music industry to the internet, along with many other progressions. They pushed society and opened us to a world in which we all now take for granted. So with that being said why does it seem that the revolutionists who have reached “success” through a currency “free from Government control” not continued to take steps forward. I mean sure Anonymous has now caught on in the mainstream and are still successfully exposing many of the corrupt, but it seems as if even they have settled down in their efforts to make a true change. Now with that statement I am speaking to the organization as a whole and as what they seem to currently stand for. Not as to what each individual of the organization still stands for, as I know there are still many out there that fight night and day to bring an end to the corruption.

What my point of the matter is that it is time to stop living in the self created fantasy worlds and realize that even though the personal issues of the fighters have been resolved, the issues that were fought for still exist. Stop hiding in fear and claiming its simply because you want privacy. Stop acting as if all the issues have been solved.

Many have been blindsided by the oppressors and unknowingly or knowingly joined their team. With more terrorist attacks arising, if we do not continue to stand with the right side than we will allow the Governments to use issues such as their self fabricated ISIS to further their personal agendas and continue to bring more injustice upon our world. It’s time to put down your craft beers, turn off Fallout 4, and continue to push for a progressive change in society. As I have learned personally that becoming stagnant is the worst enemy for the minds of people who stand for change and justice. Stop allowing personal gain, greed, and stability to weaken the efforts of a cause worth fighting for. Pick back up and fight harder than ever before as what you thought was a victory was truthfully a deadly blow to your cause. As I know as a fact, that they are sitting back mocking and laughing at what has been created. A new Wall Street, a new generation of clones to fight their battles as they continue to establish more power. No matter where we stand in life we must continue to push for an end of the control and manipulation. Allowing children to be apart of a brainwashing and mind warping society that is only worried about one thing, control. They feed off their perceived power and entitlement to abuse the children of our future to once again reap personal gain and benefit. In a world that has perceived to progress so much in the last few millenniums, the ones who stand in power still possess the same mindsets as the ones before them. The only thing that has truly changed since the time of the Pharaohs, the Caesars, and the monarchy of Europe is technology and perception. Although the people of today live conditionally better than a peasant or slave of those times. In terms of comparison to how the top tier live compared to the bottom the difference stands the same. The names have changed and we now pay our slaves and allow them to make more choices in life but there still stands a barrier. This barrier creates a shift in perception where only the select few are allowed to live a life of truth and reap the benefits that should be allowed to all.

Why do we allow the masses to be fed poison in every form? We allow pesticides to be sprayed on our food, the media to manipulate and lie to the public, and the government to tell us we can’t produce certain plants and chemicals; while massively producing toxic chemicals to be used as alternates. We allow them to pay the backbone of our country what is equivalent to less than a fifth of the salary workers received less than 50 years ago, when calculated with inflation. All at the same time the cost of everything has more than doubled, including education. We don’t need anarchy we just need to force a change in our so called democracy. We need to stop allowing them to use their perceived power against us, because the only power they possess is the people. The people are their power and they use manipulation to keep them separated and grounded.

They believe they have no need to fear as they have spent trillions on their armies, but it’s the people who in the end control these forces. The people ARE the army; the people are the ones who they depend on to fight their wars. This is all a reason why they kept drones a secret for so long and still don’t allow their true capabilities to be exposed. Also while establishing controlling laws against non military drones. They plan to replace the power of people with machine as quickly as possible so that they no longer rely on us to achieve their power. Whether the wars are over fabricated terrorism, that they themselves created, or over social causes such as race and gender equality.

You hear about the racists white television reporter and the cops who shoot non violent offenders and suddenly an entire race or occupation is defined by these actions. These actions are brought forth to purposely create this reaction, and are typically staged occurrences. Which end with the cost of helpless victims. They want the people to riot and create a sense of chaos as they know this will never bring any true progress. Only continue to separate the masses. I’ve been seeing a video where a white Fox reporter makes obscene remarks that stir up controversy followed by a black reporter reacting with rightful anger towards the said remarks. At the bottom of the video is the saying “Pick a Side”. That is the exact thing they want. They are creating a separation of the masses by putting clowns on television and having them act out in a manner that causes such. The reporters are nothing more than a tool that they are using to make the masses feel the need to “Pick a Side”. When in reality you are picking two losing sides by doing so. The only two sides are the oppressors and the people. Those two clowns of reporters on Fox were nothing more than slaves to the oppressors, being paid to push their agenda. This is a simple form of manipulation that has been used since ancient civilizations. Creating an act between two people who both truly stand on the same side. By keeping a social war between the people they can freely do as they please without much disobedience from the masses. As technology is reaching a point of no return, if the people don’t take the initiative to stand up, put a foot down, and no longer allow society to go on in this manner than it will be too late. The clock is ticking and no one group of people can achieve this goal. The visionaries can only push the unaltered reality so much, the masses must awaken and realize that everything they have come to know is a lie. I know from personal experience that the hardest part of this is realizing that you were fooled. I spent years and years in a shell of my beliefs as every time I spoke out there was somebody there to tell me I was crazy. You may feel stupid and not wanting to come to terms that they were capable of manipulating so many people so easily. This was not something that just happened, they have been implanting these false beliefs into peoples heads for generations. From children television shows, music, movies, and education. Even the people who went with the music of rebellion and counter culture were fooled as these too were created by the oppressors.

The only way to win is to create truly self-thinking open minds. Your personal beliefs must be created without any bias of your personal situation or gain. You must learn to see through the eyes of others and walk in their shoes. We must destroy all thoughts of race and gender as these only hold us back. As of now, no longer create organizations that stand for separate causes, as this too holds the people back. The idea is to force a rehabilitation of todays society in which allows equal chance to all no matter what situation they were born into, as well as eliminates any financial control over the rights of the people. Although Capitalism allows this stance to been emulated as true, the odds are fixed in the favor of few. While the rest play a game of lottery. The fact that corporations that sell oil, cars, wood, caffeinated drinks, or pharmaceuticals can control the way a society is ruled is obscene. As Americans we must stand up as Washington, Jefferson, and others once did and bring back a country based on the rightful laws placed within our Constitution. While also establishing new laws, as there is no reason we suddenly stop adding to our Bill of Rights. As society continually changes so should the laws that our governments must follow. With basic logic and vision everything that has been said should be of ease to implement. The governments are only as powerful as the people allow them to be. So Stop Allowing Tyranny!