NRG Esports lands Washington DC Sponsor, $65m Arena

In the political furor that is Washington D.C., a new younger demographic with less political cohesion is forming, and the district is looking for ways to attract younger audiences to the city. The district’s official convention and sports authority has recently agreed to sponsor NRG Esports, a deal that culminates in a $65 million arena that will be fully tailored for Esports competition and viewing.

Although the sponsorship doesn’t tie the team to the city in the traditional sports sense, it does mark a huge step forward for the future of Esports league structure and how teams are sponsored. Ultimately this benefits both D.C. and NRG, as the district hopes to benefit off of the tourism a huge Esports team can bring to the city, particularly for Asian audiences.

This sponsorship hopes to capitalize off of the success of the NRG teams in general but more specifically their most popular, the Overwatch team. NRG Overwatch’s star player Seagull is arguably one of the most popular for the game, garnering over 20,000 viewers every time he streams or practices. Full utilization of the tools NRG has like Seagull will be hugely important for the success of NRG in D.C. going forward.

The success of NRG’s Overwatch team in Washington D.C. will also segue into a potential spot as a city featured in the newly-announced Overwatch league, which will pit teams from cities all across the world against each-other in one of Esports’ first national leagues in a format similar to traditional sports. Washington D.C. wants to make sure they secure a spot in this league which will ultimately be massive for tourism in younger generations for the city.