It’s an Expansion Inward.
Like carving a series of tunnels, mining for alchemical gold. The deeper you go, the bigger it gets.
A quantum ant hill branching channels and pockets for information
to flow,
Meta Mingle and disperse throughout the hologram. 
Each piece of data waiting in the wings to peek out any time something like unto itself peeks out, piqueing the curiosity of consciousness, reaching links laying experiential ink, cartographer to the map of one’s lifetime.
Not to be read with eyes, in words, but in feeling, emotion, body gut reaction.
The true story of humanity is the energy song s/he has sung from birth to death. 
"How The Universe Felt To Me and How I Responded To It" would be an apt title.
Said one stoned out critique: 
"That was groovy baby, but that middle bit was quite a bummer."
Said the author: "well, you know me, I tells it like i see it."