The Two Primary Keys to Success

From studying and living I have found that the prevalent two keys to becoming successful are the people you surround yourself with and the ability to focus.

You are the sum of the way you spend your time. If you spend your time with poor people, you will be poor. If you spend your time with rich people, you will become rich. If you spend your time with educated people, you will become educated if you are not already.

Not everyone can go out and surround him or herself with rich successful people automatically. These individuals (myself included ) were not born into a privileged social economic class. I had to work.

Unfortunately, not all work is paid. You will be working for yourself at times, and sometimes you will be working against individuals that are against you (until you become successful that is and then it’s a different group of individuals) and that is why the work is so important.

The work will change you, if you allow it to and if you give yourself the time you deserve to become better. If the work is fake or rushed to completion, it will show in your end product.

Work takes focus. Focusing on what is important and letting go of what is not. Working on becoming someone that others value (after yourself of course). When you work on becoming a better you, you naturally will attract better people that want to be around you. You naturally will attract a better lifestyle and a better income.

You get in life what you value. If you put materialistic things at the center of your universe you will achieve those things, but you will lose time that you could have spent enjoying life and things that truly matter.

Friends give perspective. Varying perspectives helps one to see beyond their own limitations of thinking and imagining. If your friends think just like you (or worse), how are you constantly evolving as a person. This is why focus is so important.

Friends are important, but being friends with people that lack focus will take away your focus. To be great at anything takes work. No matter how talented an individual is, they must work. Studying is a secondary form of work that is no substitute for practice. If you work and are surrounded by those that do not, your work input begins to suffer, and so does your income and your happiness.

Focus on being a better person, and focus on finding great friends to share those unique life experiences with.


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