Half Way Over!

The two biggest New Year’s Resolutions that people make always have to do with weight and money. Everyone wants to lose a lot of weight and gain a lot of money! On January 1st so many people say that this will be the year that they finally get their money under control. They are not going to spend recklessly like they have done in the past. They are going to stick to a spending plan and eat out less so they can save money. So many promises are made, but how many are kept? Well, today marks the halfway point of the year and it is a great time to do a progress report. Where are you at as it relates to achieving your money goals you set on January 1st? Are you half way there or severely behind? If you are on track then congratulations, but if you are behind on your financial goals here is how you catch up!

First get out the list you made on June 1st of your financial goals and see exactly what you wrote down. If you didn’t write down any of your financial goals, but kept them in your head then that is where you first went wrong. No financial goals will ever be achieved by being in your head, but you have to write them down. When looking at your financial goals ask yourself are there too many? Sometimes people think because they have an entire year that they should put down 20 financial goals! That is a sure fire way to get none of the goals completed because you become overwhelmed. Make sure to have at least 5 goals, but no more than 10. Remember it doesn’t have to be five large goals, but can be a mixture of large and small. A small goal could be to simply open a savings account at a local bank. A large goal would be to pay off your car this year so you never have another car payment!

Now that you have a concrete list of financial goals completed make sure to keep that list front and center! Do not put it back in your desk drawer, but put it in a place where you can see it everyday. That constant reminder will keep you on track and help you reach the finish line. Now that you only have six months left in the year you have no choice, but to set timelines for each goal. The timelines need to be in small increments so that it is not overwhelming. Timelines for small goals should be simple. For example that savings account that you want to open should be done in one week’s time from when you complete your list and from there you can set a time table up for when you will deposit money. Bigger goals like paying off your car will take more focus and determination. You will need to set a timeline for when you will pay extra money on the car loan and set an amount to be paid toward that loan. When you set these timelines make sure to stick to them because that is the only way that you will achieve them before December 31st!

I know that half of the year is already gone, but you still have another 6 months to complete some major financial goals! Today you can hit the reset button and really focus to achieve all of your revised financial goals. Then when the clock strikes 12:00AM on January 1st of a brand new year you will know that your resolutions from the year before are complete and you can count your financial goals as a success!

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