Take Your Head Out Of The Sand

You are 65 years old and see that retirement is impossible for you. In fact you don’t see how you could ever stop working before you die. Financially it is not possible for you to just live off of social security alone. You start to wonder how did I get here? How did I work for forty plus years and have nothing to show for it? The real question that all of us should ask ourselves is why do we keep our head in the sand when it comes to our finances. Year after year we ignore our debt because we think it will just magically disappear! Unfortunately their is no Houdini that is going to make your debt vanish so you really only have one choice. Take your head out of the sand and pay it off! There are many people who think they don’t have their head in the sand. They think because they are paying monthly on their student loan debt, car loan debt, credit card debt, furniture debt, etc that they are facing debt head on. I used to be one of those people patting myself on the back each month because I was paying the minimum payment on a car loan and student loan. As long as the money was coming in and going out I thought I was doing a fantastic job!

Then l I was laid off and that is when I realized that my head was in the sand! So what I was paying the bill every month on my debt! I had no idea how much debt I was in because I didn’t open any of my mail because let’s be honest I didn’t really want to know. I just wanted to keep paying on it until it went away and that type of mentality could have made me a statistic. I could have easily ended up like so many 65 year olds today who just kept their head in the sand all their lives and end up working to the day I die, but thank goodness for being laid off because it forced me to lift my head up! Do you have your head in the sand? Are you just going through life paying the minimum? If you want to be someone who builds up their own bank account instead of someone else’s then you have to lift your head up, take a deep breath, and truly tackle the debt you have. Open up those statements you have been receiving in the mail or by email and see what the balance is so that you can make a plan to pay all of it off quickly! It is time to change the narrative away from working until you die. That is no longer an option for us!

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