How Professional Wrestling Explains American Politics (Especially Donald Trump)
Oliver Willis

Although Trump is constantly trying things out for mic work, getting “over” and cutting promo, that doesn’t preclude coming up with some insights, however accidental, about voter attitudes. I do not see why you say this is nonsense. Trump can do this, in the process of trying things out from conspiracy theorists, the shows, the infinite monkeys keyboarding in his brain, and whatever bits he retains from everything else he’s ever heard.

As a practiced reality star, in the billion dollar reality show of presidential campaigns, Trump has come up with some real nonsense, like his tax, economic growth, health care, and foreign policy plans, but Trump also said in his first press conference after Super Tuesday that if the Clintons care so much about income inequality, how come they’ve done nothing about it for decades.

I agree that “sharp insight into voter attitudes” won’t come from Trump, but it doesn’t make sense that it’s nonsense that Trump lucks into or latches onto insights to compete.

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