76. In order to win you first have to survive

Jaap Vergote
Mar 9, 2019 · 2 min read

An observation: systems that thrive in nature do so by putting the whole before the parts.

All living creatures kill off individual cells to replace them with new ones. This helps the organism as a whole to stay healthy.

Forests thrive when there are occasional fires that filter out the weak spots in the system. It prevents total destruction of the ecosystem by avoiding an accumulation of flammable material.

In order to win you first have to survive. This requires sacrifice.

I’ve written about biomimicry before and how I believe humanity is reinventing or discovering solutions nature already figured out. Computer science is just us trying to build a brain. Transportation is an attempt to find an efficient way to disperse goods and people, similar to the bloodstream. I also believe the ‘end state’ of technology looks like the Avatar world, where our technology is so advanced we control and merge with the world around us.

Not quite USB-C or lightning connectors

One point where this framework does not fly is politics. Communism puts the whole before the parts, but hasn’t had a successful run. But how well is the individualistic western view of the world benefiting our chances of survival over the long term?

What ‘politics’ govern nature and have proven to be successful over the long term? If you have ideas about this, let’s talk.

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