Symbolism and Materials in Leadership

This Module discusses how leaders used symbolism and materials to convey their leadership styles. Alex The Great started the trend of having a particular look or design to accompany his leadership.

This, the famous Alexander mosaic depicts one of Alexander’s victories as king. He defeated king Darius in battle and had this picture to commemorate the momentous victory.

I guess the necessary question is, what does this add to your leadership? For me, a detailed history of events during your reign, particularly in picture form helps with understanding and explaining of all actions, above all the more heavily scrutinized ones.

This example was meant to show this Roman emperor’s, Trajan, militant demeanor during his reign.

“In addition to conquering all that land and all those people for his empire, Trajan instituted a comprehensive building program for Rome which included what we now know as “Trajan’s Forum” (forum = city center, where courts and legislative activities take place). This Forum included a gigantic column commemorating his victories over the Dacians in the two Dacian wars he fought. Dacia was the region north of the Danube in what is now eastern Europe, around the Carpathian Mountains, roughly where the modern countries of Moldova and Romania are located.”

This example of iconography certainly makes the above look believable. The point, I guess, is to document the leadership style or give it a concise, almost pictorial explanation.

“ According to the ancient historian Tonio Hölscher, Roman art represented a “language in pictures” (Bildsprache) that could be analyzed much like texts could because the contained a “semantic system” (Hölscher, Römische Bildsprache als semantisches System, 1987).”

Language in pictures- the pictures are conveying an overall message. “A picture tells a thousand words” is used in the most literal sense here as one is able to analyze entire dynasties by applying this concept.

This modern day explains all of his speeches, policies, decisions all in one. It’s the Chimera of iconography, multi-headed, multipurposed and very much accurate.

Donald Trump has always been openly xenophobic during his run and now his Presidency. His recent Muslim ban and continued irrational plans to build a wall exemplify this more than anything. This picture shows how Trump thinks and operates.

This, contrarily shows the positive outlook many felt President Obama took on.

But, detractors are always present, waiting to discredit people who get too much credit.

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