Things You Did Not Know About Piqua Shawnee Tribe

Piqua Shawnee tribe is a Native American tribe that practiced nomadic life, hunting, as well as farming. Piqua Shawnee tribe used to live in the Tennessee region near the Cumberland River and later migrated to other parts of America. Among the Piqua Shawnee, tribal territories include South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. It is also worth noting that the Shawnee tribe practiced lifestyles that were favored by the geography, the climate, as well as the natural resources in each specific region they were stationed.

The semi-nomadic lifestyle of the Shawnee people made them interact with various native tribes in India. Wigwams, wetus or wikkums used to be the homes of the Shawnee tribe. Their houses were also known as birchbark houses. Those who lived in the woodlands regions used temporary shelter by the names mentioned. The wetus or wigwams are cone-shaped houses made of wooden frames with an arched roof. The huts are then covered with woven sheets and mats of birchbark and then help together with wooden strips among these houses, and they were later covered with buffalo hides which were a common resource in these areas. These huts used to be about 8 to 10 feet tall and about 10 to 15 feet wide especially at the base.

The Piqua Shawnee tribe mainly spoke Algonquian language and used to depend on resources available for food. The mainly hunted many buffaloes that inhabited the Great Plains and supplemented them with the wild turkey as well as bear and dear. They also used the wild meat with wild fruits, roots, and vegetables. Those who lived in the woodland used to fish and also depended on small game such as deer, squirrel, raccoon, beaver as well as bear. The woodland habitats also ate corn, squash, pumpkin, as well as beans.

Those who lived in the southeast used to eat animals such as the wild hogs, eagles, turkeys, rabbits, opossums, deer, and raccoons. They also used to farm crops such as maize, and beans and also ate nuts, pumpkins, and dried fruits. The Shawnee tribe used to hunt using arrows and bow and also used the hatchet, clubs, spears, knives, axes, as well as lances. They also added a riffle with after interacting with the settlers. The climate profoundly affected how the Piqua Shawnee tribes dressed. Those living the warm environment used to wear breechcloths and those in the colder climates used to wear fringed tunics, or leggings and shirts. Warm cloaks and robes were also used during cold and rainy seasons.