Digital Storytelling and Nintendo Classics with New York Art Director Daraun Crawford (Full Audio)

Daraun Crawford (left) Self Portrait (Right) ®

Daraun Crawford has worked with Metro Boomin, Universal, Republic Records, and RCA among many others.

“Metro Boomin” — Daraun Crawford ®

Crawford is a visual artist that primarily works digitally; Creating immersive experiences and digital getaways for his clients. Though he is versatile, with modeling and music production in his portfolio he’s looking forward to expanding his clientele and plans to feed his passion for Nintendo classics by becoming more competitive in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate scene.

We talked about his process, projects he’s worked on, plans for the future, and tips for artist wanting to get paid for their work. Listen to the full interview below and check out more of Daraun’s work.

® Daraun Crawford
“ The most inspiring game for me right now is definitely Smash Bros. Because I play it alot…alot. But as far as a game that really inspired me or struck a chord with me when I was younger, [it] would probably be Legend of Zelda, specifically Ocarina of Time because…I remember, at the beginning of the game, there was this concept that you couldn’t leave the village, or if you left the village everyone would disappear, or you would die, or you’re [just]“not supposed to”…and basically everyone was raised to think that..and then…obviously when you move on in the game you end up leaving the village — it kinda relates to real life and leaving your home town…to really explore and see whats out there….”
— Daraun Crawford
® Daraun Crawford