Deftones — Gore

When I was in about 5th grade, my older cousin put together a playlist of random songs by various bands that he thought I would enjoy and burned them onto a CD. I must have listened to this on the bus ride to school every day, front to back for a solid year…maybe more. Near the end of the CD was ‘Bored’ by the Deftones. It wasn’t until I got my first iPod years later that I learned the names and artists of all these songs that I had been listening to. Up until that point, it didn’t matter, nor did I care who wrote which songs. All I knew was that Track 7 was really good, Track 3 was ok, Track 9 was a skip and so on. Anyways, ‘Bored’ was on it and once I figured out who wrote it, I was ready to explore more. Oddly enough I didn’t download Adrenaline first (which is the album ‘Bored’ is on), I downloaded Diamond Eyes first, and I can’t really explain why. Once I listened to my first Deftones album in full, it completely changed the way I listen to the Deftones, and the way I view music in general. I don’t listen to the Deftones as individual single songs…if I hear one song by them I have to listen to the full album or so that I can fully appreciate it. Some bands and some specific albums I enjoy listening to in the car, or playing video games and jamming out to, etc. Basically, music influences me and puts me in the mood to do different things. When listening to the Deftones, I most enjoy simply sitting down with a drink and just letting myself get completely absorbed into their heavenly jams. Each album gives me a different feeling, not emotions like happiness or sadness, but they’re all a completely different experience for me. I love it!

I love how Chino uses his voice so uniquely. He uses it more as an instrument rather than just another guy sitting there singing a song. His vocals are so distinctive, and that scream! So raw and definitive to the Deftones as a whole. And the best part is that they haven’t changed much in the 28 fucking years they have been around. A perfect example is Corey Taylor. First Slipknot album his vocals are so fucking crude and raw but over the years he now has more of a low growly voice which I don’t like as much. Chino hasn’t changed much, if at all, from their first release in 1995 until now.

Gore starts out with ‘Prayers/Triangles’ which is easily one of my favorite Deftones songs, not number one, probably not even top five, but top ten for sure. It’s the perfect way to start off a classic Deftones album. Distinctive drum track (similar to how Around the Fur starts) then Chino starts the first verse with these eery lyrics. Next, the guitar smashes in for the high rocking chorus, and then all of a sudden we’re sunk back into Chino’s low melodic second verse. Back and forth the song goes and it’s a fist pumper/head banger for sure! ‘Doomed User’ starts off pushing hard riffs and screaming vocals and doesn’t let off for the whole bad ass song. And then on the other hand this album offers slower more mystic songs like ‘Hearts/Wires’. Chino’s dark and descriptive lyrics combine with simple heavy riffs and an intricate bass line. Another solid song, ‘(L)Mirl’, starts the same way but builds into a heavy hitter that you can’t help but jam along with. The title track ‘Gore’ near the end of the album builds and builds until Chino lets out this huge scream about 3 minutes into the song, and itgets me every time! Doesn’t get much better. ‘Phantom Bride’, which features Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, was a song I didn’t really care for. I don’t think he fits in with Deftones very well. Just my opinion. Not like Maynard did on their song ‘Passenger’ from their album White Pony. Maynard was a perfect match to Chino and had a lyrical balance that fit in with the band as a whole. I could ramble all day about the Deftones, but all in all Gore start to finish is another victory in the Deftones legendary, epic chronicles.