Highly Suspect- The Boy Who Died Wolf

Highly Suspect first came onto the scene back in 2015 with their single ‘Lydia’ off their first album ‘Mister Asylum’. I heard Lydia first on my way to work on a local rock/alternative station here in Wisconsin. At first I honestly thought that it was a song from Pearl Jam that I must have never heard before, and that night I spent a good half hour searching through Pearl Jam’s discography trying to find it. After being obviously unsuccessful I went to the radio station’s website trying to find anything that would bring me to the name of the song (which ended up being Lydia) or at least the artist. After a while I just got pissed and gave up. It wasn’t for another good month or so that I heard it again on my way to work, so I frantically got my phone out and SoundHounded it. When I got done working I immediately went home and downloaded the album and have been in love since.

When I first heard that Highly Suspect is releasing a new album my hopes were not high. If history says anything, bands that put out albums in short amounts of time do not put out quality albums for example, Imagine Dragons had an excellent first album, then they rushed to put out a second album and it sounds like a thrown together, knock-off version of the first. Thankfully, that is not the case at all! Highly Suspect avoided the sophomore slump by sticking to their grunge/post punk roots, yet exploring a new slower more delicate side. Pianos?! Who would have ever thought a song like ‘Chicago’ would ever come out of these guys. Beautiful piano part, beautiful lyrics, and a perfectly put together song. Songs like ‘My Name Is Human’ stick to what they have proven works. It would fit perfectly on the first album and is an instant radio rock hit. Yet they verify that they can slow down and show their vivid storytelling abilities, which are shown on ’Little Ones’ and ’Send Me An Angel’. Similar to ‘F**K Me Up’ off the first album, ‘Look Alive, Stay Alive’ shows a fast and loud post-punk energy. This album takes you through a lyrical journey in a this dark, cryptic adventure. Comical, politically fueled ‘Viper Strike’ covers everything from gun violence, to religion with an “R” rated twist. Highly Suspect proves again with this album that they give no fucks and write songs that confirm they are for real and are here to stay. Love this album, love this band!


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