Nothing More — The Few Not Fleeting

Nothing More is a very new band to me. Only having listened to this album a few times, I will keep this short and sweet. First thoughts were these guys are a mix of two bands: Fair to Midland and Coheed and Cambria. The vocals from Jonny Hawkins sounds a lot like Darroh Sudderth from Fair to Midland but Jonny doesn’t have the low end and bad ass scream he does. Musically, it’s not as heavy and raw as Fair to Midland is at times. As for Coheed and Cambria, I think Nothing More would be a great opener for them, not only because of their similarity, but because everyone at the show would leave thinking “Who are these guys, why are they so much better than the main act, and why have I never listened to them?”.

This album is radio hard rock at its finest (not that that’s a bad thing). They fit perfectly on Sirius xm’s Octane. I’m sure I’ve probably heard them on there and never even realized it. Onto the album.. driving drum line, punchy bass, bad ass riffs, and unique vocals/lyrics all combine to make a great rock album. Few favorites off the bat are the title track, the opener ‘Gone’, and ‘Bullets and Blue Eyes’ (This one is probably my favorite, love that riff!). Start to finish a great album and I definitely have to dig deeper into these guys!


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