Nothing More → The Few Not Fleeting

Huge shout out the theArmpit for helping me discover this band! I checked the “New Bands You Love Thread” thread one day and came across these two videos:

I was instantly hooked.

So focusing solely on ‘The Few Not Fleeting’…I can tell you that this album is really, really good. Machine gun style drumming and bad ass riffs lock together perfectly. It’s heavy, yet has it’s own flavor and soul. And the vocals on it are very unique. The lyrics are well written and they carry significant meaning, which is always a plus to me. If you are familiar with the band Fair to Midland, then you may see a bit of a correlation here. If you are not familiar with the band Fair to Midland, then you better get your shit together right fucking now. They are not a Fair to Midland knock off, but in order to help describe their style, it really is a pretty good comparison. Fair to Midland is a little heavier and has more of a dark vibe behind their songs, but it’s the best comparison I can think of. There is a lot more going on in Nothing More’s songs than meets the eye…best to listen through headphones the first few times through.

The album kicks of with ‘Gone’ which is very representative of their sound. Next up is ‘Salem’ which is pretty cool, I just don’t like the “ah, ha ha” part. Just me being picky. Third track is ‘Fat Kid’, a song about once being a fat kid and now making some kind of epic comeback. Not sure if it’s a true story, but it’s a fun track that isn’t as corny as you maythink.

Then we get into ‘Waiting on the Rain’, the first epic ballad on the album and I love it. This was one of their singles and with damn good reason. From here we get ‘The Cleansing’ another solid dose of their signature sound. I’m going to quickly move onto the next track, ‘Blue and Gold’, because I love it so much I cant wait to talk about it. It’s another ballad, but this one is a bit slower than the last. It makes me want to put one foot up on a chair or something and fist pump my way through it in a “Creed — Can You Take Me Higher” music video type fashion. One tight ass solo wraps up this gem.

A little interlude leads you into ‘Ghost’ which is probably my favorite song on this album. Per usual, the song kicks ass musically. It’s the vocals that really get me. I fucking dig this guys voice. I think he sings with such a passion. The background vocals and harmonies and all of that jazz really supplement what he does.

The title track is a banger. Enough said.

‘Bullets and Blue Eyes’ is a love song, or I guess more accurately it’s a break-up song. Well written lyrics and a perfect example of that locked in guitar and drums. The next song, ‘Love?’ is another break-up song…back-to-back break-up songs? This chick must have been a bitch.

The final track, ‘It Seems’ is a great ending for the album. Slightly more mellow, but you can tell the song is meaningful to them and it’s a nice personal touch to close out a really solid album.

I’ve heard two albums from these guys, which includes this album and their self-titled album and both of them have me jonesing for more. They are very talented musicians and have a sound that is all their own. I think this is a band to keep an eye on and I will absolutely be looking to see them live because I think it would be a trip.

Rock on dudes. Rock on.


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