coercion and compromise

Women, Men, and everything claimed in between, we host a diseased sex culture. A lot of guys feel caught themselves with this Aziz Ansari story. A lot of guys probably feel caught right now across the board. A good clean sweep of a flaw in culture is a good thing. This exposure of mens behavior, criminal and otherwise, is a necessary sacrifice. It is all part of the pendulum swing. Now I hope in reflection that woman can examine exactly where she could have made a teachable moment of this instance and saved herself, possibly the man in some capacity and recognize teachable moments from here out. In preparation for the other side, We must know we have the ability to claim our realities and not have it dictated to us. Every encounter is a test to our response-ability. Learn, and relearn what red flags are to you. Call them out and then get out. You have nothing to prove and nothing to lose. If you could lose something, it wasn’t yours to begin with. At that point, any good guy who honors you will prove their worth. Don’t endure compromising yourself for a come up that rely’s on any one but yourself.