How To Have The Best Summer Ever

I have a brilliant idea.

This is the concept for how to create the best summer ever. It’ll take a bit to understand but bear with me, reading everything is essential to get it and it’ll be worth it in the end. For those who complete there’s a guarantee of good times ahead.

Here’s the concept:

Gather your 5 or 6 of your best friends. Not best, best friends but best friends. The ones that are outgoing, interesting, massive babes and really great people who love people. Within this group the gender ratio has to have a even 50/50 split boys to girls.

You and your friends are now a crew. Come up with a witty name and celebrate your achievement. Next, you and your crew of beautiful, talented people are going to have a little friendly competition to out-host the other crews by throwing the best summer weekend possible.

What do you mean out-host?

By out-host I mean, remember when those Dutch backpackers came all the way over from Holland after you’d met them once on an Island in Thailand 6 years ago and you went out of your way to show them an amazing time. A time so good that they went back to their Windmills and were like, whoa that was amazing! Remember how all their friends heard about this and then as a result all these babe Dutch people came by for drinks for the remainder of summer and you got the nickname Dutchie even though you’re Irish and basically resemble a potato? — like that.

By out-host I mean, you’ll take them in to crash at your place(s), your crew will host them for dinner Friday night, you will be well dressed and there will be speeches. On Saturday there might be a raft up boat session, or rooftop BBQ at a place only you know about or take them to a pop-up shop opening or invite only gallery launch or something but it should be something that you’ve put in a lot of effort to organise and your guests will notice. When evening falls have an amazing Saturday night. Again something exciting. Sunday will be equally awesome, a beach session or big brunch breakfast and then you’ll probably give them a lift to the airport late on Sunday afternoon.

Who are these other crews?

Who are these other crews, they’re going to be people who are willing to take the time to organise the best weekend ever for a bunch of people they don’t really know, you know why? Because they’re just that fantastic. They’re going to be considerate, interesting, lovely people, who love people and good times. Basically strangers who will become good friends after you’ve poured a few drinks on one another.

They’re going to know the place they live in better than pretty much anyone and they’re going to show you a side of their city that you would otherwise never get to see. They’ll be people so great that when you look back at your life before this experience you’ll wonder, how did I go through my life without knowing these people beforehand?

THEN two weeks after you’ve hosted you’ll be getting on a plane with your crew, excited out of your mind for what’s about to happen, you’ll fly to another city and be greeted by a crew who lives there. They’ll then proceed to host you for an unforgettable weekend in their city. Two weeks after that you’ll be off to another city and so on and so forth.

Think of all the things that you’ve wanted to do but have never done. Compress them into a weekend. Get a bunch of guys and girls who are amazing. Then unleash. Recover. Repeat.

To hammer this home

You gather your crew. Your crew is going to host two other crews over one weekend. The other crews are going to fly in and you’ll be putting them up or help them find a place. You and your crew are going to put on the greatest weekend EVER. A weekend so good that the other crews your hosting should feel inspired with such goodwill that they will move heaven and earth to out-host you when you fly to visit them in a few weeks time.

This way every second weekend you and your friends will be heading to epic times in cities all over instead of going to the same parties over and over again and skipping going out every other week will pay for the flights. Winner!

Next steps

Let’s call this a project that I’ve decided to run for summer. There’ll be quite a bit of organisation involved to make this happen. I’ll keep updates flowing on this blog. I’ll be reaching out to friends I know in some cities I’ve never been to start getting ideas and generating some interest. It should be fun.

If anyone wants to have a chat I’m all ears! Get in touch!

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