The War On Christians

When you think of the most persecuted religion today, what religion comes to mind? According to statistics, The answer is Christians. Mostly, Orthodox Christians. Christian persecution isn’t anything new. The Discrimination of Christians dates all the way back to the genesis of the faith in the Roman Empire. In early years, Christianity flourished all around Africa and the Middle East after it was brought there by apostles like St Mark and St Paul. Despite it being the largest world religion, it remains the most persecuted.

In 1910, Christians represented 13.6% of the Middle East’s population. It has decreased since then to 4.2% in 2010. More specifically, in Iraq, the population of Christians has dramatically decreased from 1.5 million to under 300,000. This change is due to many factors, but the biggest factor is persecution. Islamic governments and governmental institutions have been notably hostile to Christians in the Middle East. Egypt is a prime example. Egypt is home to a very prominent Orthodox Christian group known as Coptic Christians. The Copts have unfortunately suffered brutal persecution by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. A Muslim brotherhood member has been quoted saying “If you find a Christian, kill him!”. Since the Muslim brotherhood took hold of Egpyt in 2011, it has been responsible or involved in numerous attacks on Coptic churches. Another nation where Christians are brutally massacred is in Syria. Syria once flourished with Christians; however now, Syria’s christian population is said to be only 10% of Syrias 22 million people. Unwavering numbers of Christians have been slaughtered or displaced by the civil war that is raging on in Syria. Constantly, Christians are being beheaded by ISIS, sometimes even on videos being used as a scare tactic to those who refuse to convert. In a Christian town known as Sadad, A town with a very high concentration of Orthodox Christians, one of the biggest killing sprees occurred. 45 innocent people were slaughtered and 1500 people were held hostage and used as human shields. The final nation I’ll mention where Christians are brutally persecuted is Turkey. Turkey was founded after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and was founded as a secular nation by Kemmel Attaturk. Attaturk’s intent was to drive the country away from islamic rule and into Secularism. He accomplished this, and with it, large amounts of economic prosperity. However several years later. An Islamic conservative named Tayyip Erdogan took hold of Turkey and reversed everything Attaturk had accomplished. In Turkey Christians have no access to state jobs and even in the jobs in the private sector, Christians are still highly discriminated against. Violence against Christians is at an astonishing 52% and out of Turkeys 80.4 million people, Christians only make up 187,000 people.

As a heavily religious man, I thank God every day that I am fortunate enough to be living in the most free nation in the world, and that I’m free to practice my religion without oppression. As for those living in nations where there is oppression against Christians, remember to vote for the candidate who will fix this problem with assertion. Because Unfortunately it seems as though Democrats do not seem to act much on this issue, unlike President Trump who freed a pastor from imprisonment in Turkey this past week. To learn more about Christian persecution, watch this excellent Prager U video:

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