Breaking Down the Father on BBC Being Interrupted by His Children
Ben Thompson

Back when I was doing TV I had to do a stand-up interview with the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team mascot, Fred Bird, at an outdoor carnival. It’s hard enough to interview a guy dressed up in a 7 foot bird costume but he also didn’t say a word… just mimed.

What made it even worse was this 4-year old kid who kept wandering between us and the cameraman with several helium balloons just at our face level. He would stop and stare at us to see what was going on. After about the third time he did this I gently but firmly booted him on the behind with my foot and shoved him out of the picture for good. I got mucho grief over that from the audience for weeks. Never did any good to explain that it was my own kid that was the one who got booted. With him being half-Asian we didn’t look much alike. :-)

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