Great Point Lighthouse, Nantucket, MA (Jack Cohen, 2017)

I’m Curious, But That’s The Problem

Daily Post #1 | An Attempted Introduction

If nothing else, I’m curious. But therein lies the rub. As I sit here on my couch, fully-clothed for work, which begins in about 15 minutes, I’m wrestling with ~ten different ideas for what to write about in this new digital space of mine. What I should focus on.

My colleagues joke that I love everything–that they’re hard pressed to find something that I dislike. Well, except for anchovies. I really don’t like anchovies. And they’re not wrong. One of my most frustrating idiosyncrasies is that I’m absolutely, positively, insatiably curious. Some of my top interests are photography (I’ve chosen to feature one of my favorite photos above), space, science, art, and history. But it doesn’t stop there. To be honest, I don’t know where it does.

One of my most frustrating idiosyncrasies is that I’m absolutely, positively, insatiably curious.

I’ve been meaning to write more to see what it’s like so I guess you could call this a first attempt to do just that. But let’s just agree, here and now, you and me, that neither of us will put too much pressure on what’s written here. Of course, I’ll try to improve with each post, but I’m using this space more as a creative canvas for which to make written doodles on than as expressions of my most eloquent thoughts.

As a final thought in this semi-ramble of an introductory post, I want to share one last thing, and this is a less wishy-washy point: I hope that through my writing, I can transpose some element of positivity and curiosity into your world.

I’m going to try to make this a daily endeavor, but stick with me if I falter.

I’ll leave you with three things that have recently inspired me:

  1. This weekly newsletter by Josh Spector called For The Interested.
  2. This website that focuses only on positive news called FutureCrunch.
  3. This recent NYT article about The Power of Positive People.

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See you tomorrow.