My FreeCodeCamp experience so far…

January 23rd is when I started camping on the site. Yes I said camping, camper being the term the community at FreeCodeCamp call a student.

I’m 17 years old, from London,UK. With no prior programming or largely even computing experience(other than helping nan create a Facebook account). I was naturally good with computers, playing strategy PC games since the ages of 7 or 8, and knew the basics of the Microsoft Office apps(impressive, I know), even Excel!

The initial reasoning behind me beginning to learn coding, was due to my ambitious to launch a startup, that I had been planning, otherwise known as procrastinating, to setup. Knowing that I needed a fair understanding of basic algorithms, I researched. I stumbled upon either FCC or Codecademy. Attempted the first few lessons, and found FCC to be a more fluid method, however the major reason was the community. Everyone on the forums are there to help, no hate and no trolls. 6 weeks down the line, I have completed close to 65 hours of the curriculum and am striving to complete full stack.

Please visit, if you’d like to learn or brush up on your programming skills and also follow my Medium page for more programming and entrepreneur content.