Brianna Wu Personally Damages Blacklivesmatter, Lgbt, Feminism and the Future of Social Advocacy.

Brianna Wu, former GOP fundraiser, is so outwardly abusive on Twitter that she drove many voters TO THE LEFT of her out of The Democrats party.

Brianna Wu lied about Representative Stephen Lynch, calling him “a republican.”

Representative Stephen Lynch is of course the incumbent DEMOCRAT in the district Brianna Wu is running in for 2018. Massachusetts, District 8.

Brianna, a former GOP fundraiser who “burned out” on politics in her first trip to DC (5 years, fundraiser for Senator Trent Lott (R — MS) that left her depressed, an ambien and alcohol addict and homeless wants to try politics again.

Brianna Wu has this to say about psychological trains of serial abusers.

It is our contention that Brianna Wu is a serial abuser.

Brianna Wu frequently lashes out at people on twitter.

The following are examples of how Brianna Wu treats people on twitter.

Please recall that she has been acting in such manner, daily, since 2014.

She has damaged $TWTR and the Democrats immeasurably with her open, sunstained and empowered brutality.

And another example of her fine outreach.

Brianna Wu maintained neutrality in the primary. And did not vote.

Despite this and with a full Republican Congress and the Presidency she has declared victory over the “alt right.”

Brianna Wu is of course the founder of @giantspacekat.

Brianna Wu states that her company mission is:

Brianna Wu often boasts of having backchannel access to twitter and other tech companies.

It is Twitter and CEO Jack Dorsey’s partnership with Brianna Wu & Randi Lee Harper that has damaged the Democratic party immeasurably.

Jack is a CEO of a major corporation whose first duty, which he seemingly ignores, is to twitter investors. His Fiduciary Duty.

In allowing Brianna Wu to abuse many customers Jack has also harmed Twitter immeasurably.

We believe Jack has eliminated that priority with his personal social activism priority and this is now reflected in Twitter’s handling of abuse in a seemingly chaotic manner.

No one is saying Jack Dorsey can’t have an opinion.

What shouldn’t have happened is the massive closing of eyes to abuse by Mr. Dorsey’s now discarded allies that happened.

We agree with the former head of CIA who testified that he was “disappointed” in Jack Dorsey.

From Twitter’s bizarre blind spots in stopping abuse it’s clear that Jack Dorsey’s policy is to allow abuse he approves of.

Simply put, if you report blatant abuse to Twitter @support through their approved method, you often do not get a response and if you do, it’s a completely bizarre and illogical response.

And yet hyper abusive Brianna Wu can both abuse, then call or email someone in twitter to have people abused.

This is amazingly hypocritcal and abusive of Twitter to give such an abusive person an empowered platform.

If insurance companies tried to apply a written policy in such a manner they would be sued into oblivion with state Department of Insurance fining them and ultimately shutting them down.

We must all question why Twitter is ok with abuse, to the point that ISIS is rampant on it and people can attempt to hire hitmen.

Would you take this tweet as a joke if it was directed at you?

The activists on twitter seem to have abandoned by Twitter, with Infosec and Cybersecurity expert, activist Randi Lee Harper noting:

Twitter however just went silent. They did not really stop the abuse Brianna Wu and others were able to pile on DEMOCRATS during the primary.

Randi Lee Harper has put a significant amount of time and effort into trying to address Twitter’s safety failings. While being pretty abusive.

We applaud her for that effort to help. I guess. Woo. Good job.

In April of 2015 Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post titled, Twitter executive: Here’s how we’re trying to stop abuse while preserving free speech.

Vijaya Gadde wrote,

At times, this takes the form of hateful speech in tweets directed at women or minority groups; at others, it takes the form of threats aimed to intimidate those who take a stand on issues.

And yet many tweets remain unmoderated with abuse raining down daily with Twitter’s policy not moderating them in the least.

Does twitter actually address diversity? Beyond empty public relations stunts?

Brianna Wu, Twitter for lgbt and feminism in technology has this to say about twitter.

And yet the actual response is to try to use a strange, and frankly racist algorithm.

Jack Dorsey is the boy in the self imposed bubble listening to people that abuse his consumers about the abuse they receive.

However, anything Brianna Wu does not like is quickly labeled “harassment” and she seeks out backchannels in tech companies to take down, remove or silence whatever content she does not like.


Twitter’s approach to solving bias and abuse has been to listen to a very narrow sector of activists.

We remain saddened that Brianna Wu was able to hide her abuse of others from Congresswoman Clark, along with her true intent and motivations.

Brianna Wu knowingly leads a 50,000 strong mob and can abuse others with it, knowingly.

The FBI closed the gamergate file with no actionable leads after prosecutors declined to take the cases.

Twitter’s lack of commitment to customer service is well known.

Third party developers report they cannot get calls back from Twitter engineers, for instance.

Morale was reported to be “low.”

What else could it be with virtually all politics sides pointing out how truly awful Twitter is at handling actual, verifiable threats and abuse?

Twitter’s absolute inability to handle abuse has destroyed twitter, twitter investors capital and rendered twitter unsafe for customers who simply wish to use the site in good faith without abusing anyone.

Meanwhile, Twitter struggles to meet it’s modest diversity goals.

Twitter has also managed to alienate half of the politics audience in the United States. By banning the alt right twitter did more to cause abuse than to stop it.

The alt right is waging a war on twitter by making endless new accounts to abuse those who criticize Donald Trump.

Perhaps Jack Dorsey might have taken a different tact during the runup to the presidential election of 2016?

We will never know. What we do know is Jack Dorsey is unresponsive and irresponsible, seemingly ignoring his fiduciary duty.

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is a man that stands up and apologizes. He has now twice on the national stage.

“I wish I could turn back the clock and go back to 2010 and stop abuse on the platform by creating a very specific bar for how to behave on the platform,” Costolo said. He added: “I take responsibility for not taking the bull by the horns.”

Jack Dorsey tries to paper over his horrific failure with money with a donation to the ACLU.

How can we speak truth to power if the powerful running for Congress can have powerful Jack suspend you from Twitter?

How do you speak to a public servant who can quite literally have you suspended for God only knows what?

This is what being a twitter customer feels like if Jack Dorsey doesn’t care about you:

All day, every day.

Fuck Jack. Burn him down. Strip that stupid shirt off him.
The man wouldn’t be welcome in South San Francisco, NV. He’s a dick, douche and twat.
His momma breastfed him until he was 17 and his Daddy never told him no.
He’s an unethical asshole, miscreant and abhorrent man.
His hair is full of ticks, burrs and dingleberries.
He can’t even wipe right, much less swipe right.
He wears 3 pairs of underwear and stuffs socks into his pants to make him appear more manly.
He probably cheats on his s/o, has no morals, ethics or concerns other than his own small (innie?) penis.

Response: Please stop tweeting me, assholes.

*Notice from @support: suspended. Locked out. Forced to delete tweets.

Don’t believe me? A twitter abuse ring Brianna Wu is part of has SPELLED out how they abuse.

Brianna Wu, Spacekatgal, herself doxes people.

And celebrates her accomplishments. These people did a TON to actually harm Hillary Clinton in her run for the The White House.

BTW @newyorker journalist Jesse Singal admits to publishing fake news.

Viva La Revolucion!

How did the abuse work? Jesse Singal tweeted to Social Coroner and told her to stop writing what she was covering.

When she remained committed to her own coverage, the howling mob led by Brianna Wu descended.

Obviously Jack Dorsey is ok with harassment of some people.

Personally we’re waiting for shareholders to sue all these people.

Jack has told enough lies in public. Fire @jack.

Brianna Wu blocked a member of Massachusetts Democrats State Committee.

This is how Jack Dorsey undermines democracy.

@spacekatgal can block people at will, not take constructive criticism, abuse at will, dox people and then boast of being able to have people suspended for tweeting her by abusing “backchannel” access.

Her ring of friends are the most outwardly abusive people on twitter and twitter absolutely refuses to stop them.

Then, Brianna Wu uses twitter as base for office while not living in the district she is running in.

She also lies openly on twitter about incumbent Congressman Stephen Lynch’s party affiliation.

And Twitter? Don’t dare mention Brianna Wu.

Perhaps Congress will have a hearing on this sordid affair.

Good job by @Jack in any case. He was the best ALLY Senate Republicans House Republicans and Kevin McCarthy had in the whole election cycle.

Jack Dorsey is a liar about Safety being a priority on twitter.

People solicit contact killers. Jack won’t stop it.

Conclusion: Brianna Wu is still a Republican.

Jack Dorsey turned Twitter over to abusive advocates to abuse other tech companies that are his competitors and he damages his own investors.

Brianna Wu grew up in Mississippi to rich conservative parents, and she’s still that type of person. A silver spooned, tone deaf, abuser of any person she wishes.

She is as abusive as the worst Republican we’ve ever heard of. Donald Trump.

In the end, the abuse felt by people who never abused Brianna Wu is still abuse. Whether Brianna Wu feels justified in it by abuse she received from others.

She however has an extensive psychiatric history and may not know any better.

Jack Dorsey and the leadership team at Twitter? They should have known better.

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