How to withdraw ETH/Tokens direct from Smart Contract on Etherscan with Metamask

If your account is with Metamask, go to“contact address”#writeContract
and click “write contract”
and then use function 3 or 11
depending on if it’s ETH or token
check balance inside the exhange first. if site is down, you can use site.

make sure to add lots of 0's
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

to withdraw 1 ETH put: 1000000000000000000
to withdraw 0.0126 ETH put: 12600000000000000
basically multiply amount you want to withdraw by: 1000000000000000000 and enter that as the amount to withdraw.

For Token withdraws, it will depend on how many decimals the token uses. Most do use 18, but not all, so check that first.