Shut The Fuck Up, John Bolton
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m 73 yr old DAV-Army. Yes I agree, Muppet John “SHUT THE FUCK UP”!!! When I visit the VA Regional Hosp…breaks my heart! So many God awful injuries! I’m willing to fight for my country but not for regime change. Once USA gets involved…Christians not protected. They are slaughtered & Churches destroyed. Replaced by Islamic Terrorists…USA armed & supported. We tend to support the more radical Terrorist, (Islam/Wahhabi), or the branch of Islam that will help w/regime change! If MSM reported the truth, many would be astounded at the number of casualties…Americans, Arabs, Persians & Military support personnel from other nations! Not only the cost but also the destroyed infrastructure. Too many wars are started w/false fags…always follow the money! President Eisenhower was correct when he warned …Military Industrial Complex! For proof…the ME today!

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