Why I love Planetary Science

Its no secret that people are excited and intrigued by space, there’s such unfathomable mysticism that the world tends to awe in amazement, but forgets this is something real we really can learn the truth – no matter how big and far away it is!

I think scientists are often thought of as clipboards and lab coats, pretty grey lives not much excitement. It doesn’t help when you see a cheesy NASA video or an awkward space geek make a barely digestible video.

Let me tell you now, this shit is fucking fun. I mean it, anyone who tells you learning science and space is just for the smart people is confused – save them please. Honestly I won’t lie, the classroom can feel a little blehh and like school (nobody has positive memories of school science..) but the humility it creates in your soul, the new understanding and reflection of the world you feel is amazing, truly. I listen to folks worry about “catching the early train or I’ll wait 30 mins” – dude, let me wait 30 mins. Thats 30 mins to think and appreciate the world around me, if I have time to stand around at a bus stop my mind is scanning the lights on the billboards, the traffic lights, the air – I picture the carbon dioxide in big clouds as it leaves exhausts and gather over our heads. My imagination is constantly whirring and thinking and going that I find myself going “Oh yeah shit this is my train isn’t it and I’m standing here staring into space.” Pun not intended – you get what I mean..

Planetary science itself looks at the planets, what they’re made of. Including Earth, and including whats beneath our feet.

At first, the idea of studying rocks on Earth was dull to me – but I hadn’t even yet opened my eyes to this world. The more I learned, the more I realised I was really interested. Do you think I had time to worry about what people thought of me studying science? Fuck no, I was too damn busy learning about how volcano’s operate, or how we calculate the distance to far away stars within our universe. I can fucking understand Hubble’s Constant, when your mind is at that level you don’t have time, or care, what others think. It really has no affect.

You spend time with people who have the same interest and you get to do cool shit. I spent 2 weeks walking around the Scottish highlands taking in some incredible sights – wow what a place! It’s like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie, or Jurassic Park!

Also, you get to ride speedboats…

And spend 11 days continuously in the same bar each evening after spending about 14 hours on the road. Man, I paid to be in rain, wet and windy conditions. PAID to go, not was paid, I PAID. The trip cost me in and around £1000 – I’d honesty do it all again in a heartbeat!!

Do you think me and any of those guys have even remotely similar backgrounds? Nope.

Does that prevent us from bonding and thriving? Nope.

Why? Because we collaborated, we learned and grew together. When you take your first steps, you never forget the folks who are there with you.

I didn’t have this all science-y upbringing either, my father gave me good intuition (see my blog – www.goodtalks.wordpress.com). I grew up listening to music from the streets, kicking a ball against a brick wall and chasing girls in my teen years. I still listen to more or less the same music (albeit its now your Classic US East coast hip-hop than UK grime), my passion for kicking a ball against a brick wall has been developed into a passion for space and science and I no longer chase girls because I have an incredible woman in my life. My fundamentals are the same, even if my style, my road, my journey, has changed.

Look for the strengths in what you do today, fuel it towards your passion and connect the tools of your personality.


Jack Good

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