A Writer’s Life: Finding My Voice

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It’s not enough to find a topic. You’ve got to find your voice. — Jeff Goins

In May of this year, I was on the floor of my living room one morning asking God to give me clarity as to why I felt so bottled up. There had to be a reason why I felt like I was lacking in some area of my life. After all, my life was going well. I was achieving my goals and my family was doing well. I was feeling established in who I was. Yet, something felt as though it was missing. It was time for me to go back to writing.

Since May, I have been learning alot about writing. Things I didn’t know before or I wasn’t prepared to understand. Here we are in December and it feels like I need to make up for lost time. It is one of those lessons learned that I hope others won’t have to learn as I am now. Recently, I purchased Jeff Goins’s blogging course: Intentional Blog. I felt it was time to invest more into my writing. And he gave a great deal for Black Friday.

I am only a little ways into the modules, however, I have found my writing has been a hot mess prior to this course. Since I have been writing “A Writer’s Life” as series of my personal learnings, it felt like this is the best next step for me to share.

My Voice — Helper, Passionate, Instructive

To understand my voice, I was tasked with having people speak into my life. As well as reviewing my writing that I enjoyed writing most, and reviewing the people that I most look up to. These few areas taught me a few things about myself. I love to help people to be more than they are today. One way I do this is sharing things that I have learned or research things I want to learn along the same lines.

Some of the people I look up to most, are passionate people who like to help others as well. Some of my current inspirations are C.S. Lewis, Chip Gaines, Michael Hyatt, and Jeff Goins. All of these people are passionate and instructive in one way or another. They are all people I have learned a lot from over the last few years.

These last few years have been some of the best years of my life.

It became clear, my voice and who I am, is about passionately helping people through instruction. I can do this by sharing the things I have done that work. And since I have done them, I am able to share out of my personal experience. While I am an intentional person, I have noticed some of the best ways to be intentional is by learning from others. As I am doing through this course.

How Can I Help You?

I while back, I created a resources. My first EBOOK: The True North Manifesto. I shared earlier how I had been on a journey for the last 3–5 years. The True North Manifesto incapsulates what I have found from that journey. It shares about finding you priorities, your true north, and taking the first steps toward living them out.

Click Here to Download The True North Manifesto and Join Me on this Journey

If you are a writer, what is your voice? How did you discover it?

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