A Writer’s Life: How I Decided to be a Writer

I am a writer.

For decades, I have been going down a path of discovery. Taking the twists and turns that are life. Trying to figure out what I am doing. Learning that where I have been helps me see where I am going. Like most people who don’t live intentionally, I had established a status quo. And then, something changed.

The Turning Point

Through a series of events I realized something has been missing. While part of a small group through my church, the leader spoke over me about who I was. That I live to sharpen iron (Proverbs 27:17), that I am a man of responsibility, that I am a pillar. These words were strong and profound. I meditated on them. And then, I started listening to my life.

Listening to My Life

I have learned a great deal about myself. I loved writing in school. Even though I was terrible with grammar in college, I loved writing papers. People thought I was crazy. Not until after college did I college did I start trying my hand at blogging and writing stories. I am a communicator by nature. Stories are so fun to me.

I have learned about my strengths and my priorities. I have learned that I am an intentional person. Even when it is hard, the times I thrive are when I am being intentional. Always knowing that I would be a husband and father, my life spoke to me about being an intentional learner. And now that I am a husband and father, I learn more everyday.

Finding Resources

Once I realized that writing is a passion, I started looking for resources. And low and behold, Jeff Goins at Goinswriter.com appeared. I had been reading his content for a while, but something changed. It finally clicked. Since finding some of his materials, I have started a blog. I have started writing everyday. I am practicing in public and learned that I don’t have to starve for my art.

There are many resources out there for writing and blogging. I continue to collect the knowledge it takes enhance my craft. My blogging is getting stronger. My writing is getting better. I am love writing. Even when it is hard. I am working to grow my blog and better myself.


I write about living intentionally. My wife and I are extremely intentional with our marriage, our parenting, and our lives. Everyday, we learn how to be more and more intentional. And because I like to learn and share what I am learning, my blog gives me the perfect space to do so.

If you have ever felt like you are living and accidental life, or living a status quo that you don’t like, my blog is for you. If you want to take the next steps in the right direction and start living intentionally now, my blog is for you.

Call to Action

Click on over to my blog. Read a post or two. Sign up for my weekly newsletter. And begin to see your life changed by living intentionally.