The Voice of the Accuser: How He Enters Our Thoughts

Source: Pexels
“You are never going to finish this project. Why did you think you could remodel your house? You are going to struggle with timelines doing your personal things, exactly like you do everywhere else.” — The Accuser.

Sweating, angry, frustrated and kneeling on the floor in my hallway, I hear that voice. The voice of the Accuser. A liar. He was waiting all day for that moment. And in the moment of my frustration, he swept down the hall, bent over me, and whispered in my ear. The snake. Looking to get me off track. To push me over the edge.

In someways, he got me.

I struggled and lost part way.

But I knew it was him.

My home improvement project was just the right time for the a liar to sneak in and derail the progress I was making. Not the progress on my fixer upper, but on my life. It was the right time for him to keep me from wanting to be a husband and a father. Just when I was frustrated and tired, I could be easily swayed from being the man that I am.

But I was thrown off. And it took some time to cast him out of my house and out of my head. To throw those words out the door. I finally was able to take back the ground that he tried to take. Ultimately, I am who I am. And the Accuser, well, he is who he is.

I rebuked him. And he left. I broke any agreements I made with him. And I am living free.

“Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at the right side to accuse him.” Zechariah 3:1

Have you experienced this before? What was it like? How do you respond?

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