Your Girlfriend Has an Eating Disorder. Now What?
Fierce Gentleman

Im currently in a long distance with a girl who has an eating disorder, for a year ive been with her and trying to support her as much as possible. Honestly i love her more then anything in the world. But i dont know if i can do it anymore, she doesn't acknowledge the problem and is constantly in mental and physical pain because of it but refuses to admit whats wrong. Shes a very attached person and i know how important i am to her, which is why im so unsure about whether to leave the relationship. I dont want to say it but i think i cry a lot more these days because of her, because im so worried and scared. Before we met she was in bad shape, along with the disorder school had her down, and her friends pressured her into doing drugs and drinking. Im afraid if i leave she could fall back into this stuff. I dont want to leave her, its her birthday today and shes been arguing with her dad all week, he noticed shes been skipping meals. She recently weighed herself for the first time in half a year and was a Kilogram heavier, now shes been skipping meals and food a lot. How can i help? I dont want to leave but should i?