ANNOUNCING: The Nationwide March On Google

(August 9, 2017)

Today, the March on Google was announced by Jack Posobiec and a coaltion of free speech activists around the United States.

The site:

The date: Saturday, August 19th.

Locations: Anywhere Google Has An Office

Google is a monopoly, and its abusing its power to silence dissent and manipulate election results.

Their company YouTube is censoring and silencing dissenting voices by creating “ghettos” for videos questioning the dominant narrative.

The firing of James Damore for calling out Google’s Echo Chamber of Ideology is only further proof of Google’s insidious anti-free speech agenda.

We will thus be Marching on Google!

People across the country will be protesting in front of the offices of every Google office.

Organizers are reaching out to James Damore to invite him to speak as well as planning a “Google Meme Contest”