BREAKING: New Veteran Intel Task Force Forming to Counter Deep State

(Washington, DC) A new task force of veterans, prior intelligence agents, and law enforcement officials is forming to counter what they call a ‘deep state coup,’ according to discussions with leaders.

One leader provided the statement, “We joined to serve our country. We are patriots. We were taught tradecraft and intelligence collection and told to focus them on certain targets overseas, but we are sworn to our oath to the US constitution. We’ve seen how the deep state has targeted the National Security Council. We’ve seen the deep state actively shaping US foreign policy to fit their ends through information operations and smear campaigns of whistleblowers. We cannot stay silent any longer. We will be using all legal means available to bring the truth to the American people.”

The task force has begun working with current and former senior government officials as well as law firms and well-known media outlets in the Washington DC area in order to expose the suppression of information and shaping of intelligence that began as far back as the Clinton-era, the runup to the Iraq invasion, the rise of ISIS, and now in Syria.

These former officials are seeking legal means to disseminate what they describe as a clearly-defined effort to shape American foreign policy decisions by distorting intel reports that were provided to senior policymakers in the US government.

In September 2015, the NY Times reported that 50 analysts at the Defense Intelligence Agency filed complaints to the Pentagon inspector general that senior military officials were distorting intelligence assessments about ISIS before delivering their findings to US government leaders such as the President and the US Senate.

The revisions presented a more positive picture to the White House, Congress and other intelligence agencies, the officials said.
“The senior intelligence officers are flipping everything on its head,” said one government intelligence analyst, who like others spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly. The analyst said that the complaints involve the highest-ranking officials in Centcom’s intelligence unit, run by Army Maj. Gen. Steven R. Grove.

The new intel task force will be coming public soon in weeks to come to further encourage others in the community to report the situation to relevant authorities within the DoD Inspector General’s office, as well as to the Department of Justice.

At this time, the task force has not come public in terms of its formal name, nor the names of its officers for Operational Security (OPSEC) purposes. They plan to make a formal announcement in the coming weeks.