BUSTED: Megan Badasch and HR McMaster Behind Force Out of Trump Supporter Tera Dahl

Megan Badasch teamed up with HR McMaster to force out Trump loyalist and Breitbart columnist Tera Dahl

One week before Tera Dahl forced out of NSC by Badasch she discovered computer logs pointing Badasch’s office as leak of transcripts

Why does McMaster always have Badasch travel with him on foreign trips?

Badasch was responsive for reviewing all NSC personnel assignments during transition including decision to keep holdovers.

Badasch urged NSC security Mary Feinstein to deny Robin Townley’s security clearance

Badasch also was behind the leak of the Taiwan call

She was responsible for all of the foreign leader calls dusting the transition

One of 4 people that knew about the Taiwan call

The others were Flynn, Trump, Jared

She is still around and leaks of foreign transcripts kept happening

Common denominator since day one

She was responsible for all decisions to keep holdovers during transition

And then she is with Ciaramella having lunch almost every day.

Another risk too is that she is the one traveling with McMaster everywhere internationally

They other thing to is that Meghan Badasch runs the document portal at the NSC so she has access to everyone’s documents including what was leaked