EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff David Clarke Responds to “Hit Job” Dossier

Steve Bannon, Dr Hedieh Mirahmadi, and Sheriff David Clarke

Earlier this week, numerous reports were circulated regarding Sheriff David Clarke and his connection to Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi.

The reports stemmed from a dossier that has been circulating in Washington, DC which connects Mirahmadi to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as alledges an ongoing affair between her and Sheriff David Clarke.

Sheriff Clarke reached out to me in order to tell his side of the story, and respond to the allegations.

In an email, he described the dossier as “ without proper evidence or information that could refute some of the ridiculous assumptions they made. This is NOT how a credible dossier is created and is clearly a hit job. Mirahmadi’s response is also attached. Her public writings against MB/Islamism and her reputation in conservative circles for almost 20 years should speak for itself.”

The evidence presented by Sheriff Clarke contains extensive links to open source articles as well as US cables leaks by Wikileaks which feature Mirahmadi.


The alleged “dossier” that is replete with libelous claims of Mirahmadi as a Muslim Brotherhood [MB]/ Islamist operative, which is patently FALSE. The allegation is primarily based on the ridiculous assertion that because of Mirahmadi’s schooling1 and various meetings or interactions with federal/state/local government officials2, she must be member of the MB. The claims are so outrageous that in addition to libel, they probably amount to a tortious interference with business relationships and contracts because their intent was to maliciously stop Sheriff David Clarke from continuing his business relationship with Mirahmadi and to prevent others from doing business with them.

The following is a detailed refutation of many of the false allegations made in that dossier3

A. Highlights of Mirahmadi’s personal and professional history, including her introduction to Islam in America, serving as General Secretary of the Islamic Supreme Council of America, and a host of other positions throughout her career.

1. Mirahmadi was born in the US to a secular Iranian family who immigrated to the US after her father received an internship at Northwestern University. The family was eventually granted citizenship after her father worked many years as a nephrologist for Veteran’s Administration.

2. It wasn’t until college that Mirahmadi [early 1990’s] became interested in Islam and was introduced to alleged Muslim Brotherhood members at the Islamic Center of Southern California that was run by Dr. Maher Hathout and Salam Al-Marayati of MPAC. She had NO exposure to Islamic doctrine prior to meeting members of this community and was brought there by a friend. It wasn’t long before she sensed something quite alarming in their approach to religion and she quickly became concerned.

1 For example, CSP on pg 3 claims Mirahmadi is MB because she was a student of Nuh Ha Mim Keller and that Yusuf Qardawi was on staff at the As Sunnah Foundation where she got her degree in Islamic Doctrine. She NEVER studied under Nuh Ha Mim Keller and neither him nor Yusuf Qardawi are staff of the foundation. In fact, she has NEVER met either man and has no intellectual connection whatsoever with either one.

2 For example on p. 9 of the “dossier”, CSP writes, “18 February 2015: Mirahmadi was a speaker at the White House Summit on Combating Terrorism, International and Law Enforcement Leaders Other featured speakers included: Salam al-Marayati, President of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC, a Muslim Brotherhood front group & member of the USCMO); Michael Downing, Deputy Counterterrorism Chief, Los Angeles, CA Police Department (closely associated with the Council on American-Islamic Relations — CAIR — a Muslim Brotherhood front group); Keith Ellison (D-MN), who maintains close ties to CAIR, MAS & other Muslim Brotherhood front groups; Multiple law enforcement representatives from Minnesota, known to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood”. CSP is making the absurd implication that being present in a White House event with a sitting Congressman and Chief’s of police, as well as Salaam of MPAC must mean she is a MB operative.

3. Around the same time, Sheikh Kabbani had arrived in the US from Lebanon who also expressed his concern over the Islamist influence in the US.4 They were introduced by her brother who had become a student of the Sheikh.

4. The Sheikh explained to Mirahmadi who was just starting to learn about the Islamist network worldwide that he was quite concerned about its potential effects on Islam and Muslims in the US. Learning of the insidious nature of the threat, Mirahmadi quit her lucrative work in a law firm in Beverly Hills and joined Kabbani to start the Islamic Supreme Council of America [ISCA]. Its mission was to educate Americans about mainstream Islam and the threat posed by Islamism.

5. Teaming up with Kabbani, Mirahmadi used her legal training to document the Islamist movement activities, including infographics that diagramed the networks between them, as well as interviewing former Jihadists, family members and friends to learn how the Islamists recruited and indoctrinated their followers. She also became a devout Sufi Sunni Muslim, adhering to the religious practices as part of a spiritual practice and developing a relationship with God. Despite what is claimed by CSP, she has never been an adherent to Shia Islam [though her parents are Shiite].

6. By 1998, Mirahmadi had interviewed countless recruits and family members effected by the Islamist recruitment efforts for Jihad overseas and was providing that information to two of only a handful of FBI agents who were noticing similar trends. In the same period, Kabbani had learned from then President of Chechnya that Bin Laden was planning to attack the US and he felt it was his duty to make it publicly known. It was Mirahmadi who arranged for the now famous State Department address that Kabbani gave at the US State Department, sounding the alarm bell that Bin Laden

would attack the US.

7. The response by the Islamist network was ferocious. All members including Mirahmadi were boycotted and thereby forbidden from attending Muslim conferences, shopping in Muslim markets and advertisers in their publication were threatened to stop advertising or lose all other Muslim clients. The conflict traveled worldwide and was written about by many MSM5 as well fringe publications that support the Islamists.

6. In a frustrated attempt to respond to the boycott at an event for then Ambassador of Religious Freedom for the US State Department, Mirahmadi Sheikh Kabbani’s chronicles in the US are well documented including by Daniel Pipes in the Middle East quarterly as well as in books such as Paul Barrett’s “American Islam: The Struggle for the Soul of a Religion”, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Dec 26, 2007 and Rory Dickerson’s “Living Sufism in North America: Between Tradition andT ransformation”, SUNY Press 2015;



6 https://www.wrmea.org/1999-april-may/dispute-between-u.s.-muslim-groups-goes-public.html

publicly yelled at Maher Hathout, one of the alleged founders of the MB in the US, as a dictator.

By 2004, Mirahmadi had earned a reputation as a credible and respected counter radicalization expert, earning her an appointment under President Bush and Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad to the US Embassy in Afghanistan. Her job duties included creating a national plan for developing community based resilience against Islamic radicalism and decreasing support for the Taliban. Mirahmadi NO longer is the General Secretary of the Islamic Supreme Council of America and hasn’t held that position in over a decade

9. She curtailed early from Afghanistan for health reasons and started a visiting scholar position on Islam and Global Security at the American Enterprise Institute - a very well respected conservative think tank in DC.

10. With financial support from foundations like Smith Richardson10, Mirahmadi also founded the World Organization for Resource Development and Education [aka WORDE], which she has governed on and off for the next 15 years, while also serving as a consultant to law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the US, Canada, the UK, and Denmark.

11. As the result of her success building America’s first ever counter radicalization program, she became a personal services contractor for FBI Headquarters in order to develop similar programs for the FBI across the country11. She also had a visiting fellowship at the Washington Institute in the Stein program on Counter-Terrorism. As of June 2017 she maintained a TS/SCI security clearance with a CI polygraph, one of the nation’s highest levels of security granted to a contractor.

12. It was in this role at the FBI that she met Sheriff Clarke when he was considering coming into DHS as the Assistant Secretary for Partner Engagement, the office which was analogous to the office where Mirahmadi was in the FBI. When Clarke withdrew his consideration and Mirahmadi’s contract ended with the FBI, it was Mirahmadi who offered her legal and scholarly services to Clarke pro bono to defend his thesis at the Naval Postgraduate School which came under attack from CNN.

13. Mirahmadi helped secure Clarke a determination that he had not committed plagiarism and having developed a successful working relationship, the two decided to go into a management business together. Clarke subsequently retired from the Sheriff’s office to pursue his passion for political activism and defense of the Trump agenda. In the venture, Mirahmadi would be responsible for all the business management duties such as fiscal compliance requirements, contract negotiation and execution, event management and scheduling, as well as policy research for his various engagements.

14. Though it should NOT be relevant whether Mirahmadi chooses to wear a headscarf or not, she is quite open about her reasons for why she wore it and then later decided to remove it around November 2016 [many months before she met Clarke]. She began wearing it around 1995 simply because she believed the practice of authentic Islamic Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam that she was following, could not be fully appreciated without adhering to the Islamic dress code for women. At various points after 1995, she would remove the headcover including during her tenure at AEI until most recently, but it is simply a reflection of her personal expression of religiosity and her disappointment in how it is being abused by Islamists as some form of political expression. The accusation that her decision to remove her headscarf is some insidious plot against the US and a threat to national security; or is a crude attempt to lure someone of the opposite sex, is false and was maliciously intended to harm Mirahmadi personally and professionally. Such accusations are not only baseless, they are xenophobic and discriminatory simply because Mirahmadi is a Muslim.

B. Mirahmadi’s Staunch Position Against the MB and Islamism

1. Mirahmadi has had a very publicly documented stance against Islamism dating back to 1999. Whether through her own writings or that of government officials, counter terrorism experts, and in articles written by others about her work, Mirahmadi is clearly NOT a supporter of the MB or Islamism. The following are some noteworthy examples of why that accusation is FALSE.

2. A Wikileaks cable describes how outspoken Mirahmadi was against Islamic radicalism dating back to 2003. She was well received by State Department officials serving in the Kuwait Embassy, who wrote in part “…. Dr. Mirahmadi, a Sunni Muslim, addressed the issue of Islam’s international reputation as a religion of violence and intolerance, and the responsibility of Muslims to counter the extremist ideologies that give credence to this perception.”

3. In 2007, Mirahmadi was supported by Congressional leaders like former Congresswoman Sue Myrick who hosted a summit on Capitol Hill and wrote several papers and articles including her Wake-Up America agenda where she supports Hedieh Mirahmadi as one of eight American Muslim leaders fighting against CAIR and Islamist radicalism and whom she wants to garner additional support. The Summit

13 http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/WL0302/S00289/cablegate-evaluation-kuwait-shared-values-speakerhedieh.html

14 http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/id.3881/pub_detail.asp

15 http://www.thesocialcontract.com/pdf/twentyone-one/tsc_21_1_myrick.pdf

16 http://www.citizenwarrior.com/2009/10/op-ed-by-representative-sue-myrick.html

was covered by Steve Emerson’s, Investigative Project on Terrorism, whose staff have worked with Mirahmadi since 1999. 4. Mirahmadi was also frequently consulted by Congressman Frank Wolf and his staff as he learned more about the insidious and dangerous threat posed by CAIR. He refers to her on the floor of the House and in his written statement about radicalization in theUS.

5. In her chapter in the book “Navigating Islam” compiled by Zeyno Baran and published in 2009, Mirahmadi describes in great detail her personal experiences with Islamism and the research she conducted on its origins, sudden growth with the advent of Saudi funding and its particularly insidious effect on the American Muslim community. She also outlines its infiltration in the US government as “gatekeepers”.

6. Published in the end of 2010, Mirahmadi co-authored the policy paper entitled “A Community Based Approach to Countering Radicalization: Partnership for America” criticizing the failure to identify the threat of radical Islamist ideologies and providing policy recommendations to stop the slide into religious fanaticism.

i. Since many of these were published in 2010, at the time Mirahmadi posited moderate Muslims as the solution to the radical Islamist preachers and influence over the American Muslim community. Mirahmadi realizes that today that approach may be virtually impossible because Islamism has creeped into every major institution, but it was considered an appropriate response by many conservatives at that time.

7. For nearly 20 years until today, Mirahmadi has conducted in-depth field research, created training manuals, and participated in high level USG sponsored conferences on countering radicalization. Her most recent research project culminated in the report “Empowering Egypt to Defeat Radical Islamism”22 which is just her latest intellectual contribution for US policymakers to defeat the Islamist threat.

C. Refutation of the accusations against Mirahmadi about “supporting Obama Administration” and trying to obfuscate the role of Islam in terrorism.

1. Whether as a young adult attending Republican fundraisers with her father who was appointed to the California Medical Board by then Governor Pete Wilson23, or as a senior subject matter expert consultant to the USG, Mirahmadi has always been a staunch supporter of law enforcement, upholding shared American values, and advocating tough national security strategies to prevent terrorism. [see publications

listed in Section B]

17 https://www.investigativeproject.org/2217/moderate-muslim-speak-out-on-capitol-hill

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23 http://www.mbc.ca.gov/Publications/Newsletters/action_report_1993_05.pdf


2. The US government [USG] discussions about terminology to define the domestic threat of Islamic radicalism began under President Bush but was expanded and institutionalized under the Obama Administration, as evidenced by the DHS memo on the topic24. It is important to note that Mirahmadi was NEVER invited to participate in those meetings [FOIA documents obtained by groups like the Investigative Project would demonstrate as such], either under Bush or Obama Administrations. Most attendees were part of the MB-Islamist network in the US and could be credited with pushing the USG to adopt the policies listed in the memo.

3. Regardless of the motive, the term Countering Violent Extremism [CVE] became part of the Obama Administration official description of domestic terrorism prevention efforts. Mirahmadi had NO ability to influence that decision, nor could she avoid using the acronym when working on federally supported programs on that topic. In fact, Mirahmadi along with other non-Islamist leaders were often sidelined by the USG, as referenced previously by Congresswoman Sue Myrick and others.

4. Having been a researcher, writer, and policy analyst in the field of Islamist radicalization since 1998, Mirahmadi is regarded as a senior subject matter expert. Her organization, WORDE became a sub-grantee of a National Institute of Justice grant along with the University of Massachusetts that would provide an independent scientific evaluation of their domestic counter radicalization/CVE program25. Her credibility in the field transcended the political party divide in terms of federal funding, which is normally not based on political party affiliation. Subsequently WORDE won several federal contracts to further expand their community policing program. 26 27

5. Despite being awarded several large federal grants, Mirahmadi was NEVER invited to an Obama Ramadan dinner nor did she receive an appointment from him to serve in the Administration. Yet in the Bush Administration, she not only was an appointee, she attended the Ramadan dinners and even had the honor of a private audience with VP Richard Cheney.

6. Despite repeated claims by the “dossier” and those propagating it that Mirahmadi was somehow involved in the FBI removal of discussions about radical Islamism, she was NOT a contractor for the FBI at that time and had her own training material subject to the same review as everyone else. She has NEVER publicly or privately advocated for the change in the terminology. In fact, Judicial Watch sued to get the list of participants who were in involved in pressuring the FBI but Mirahmadi is NOT listed in any of thosemeetings or discussions.28

D. Summary: It should be clear from the evidence provided above, that Dr. Mirahmadi is

24 https://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/dhs_crcl_terminology_08-1-08_accessible.pdf

25 https://nij.gov/topics/crime/terrorism/Pages/community-based-program-to-counter-violent-extremism.aspx

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27 https://cops.usdoj.gov/Default.asp?Item=2745

28 http://www.judicialwatch.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/JWSRGovtPurgeActiveMeasures1SEP2015.pdf


NOT MB and has dedicated most of her adult life and career to exposing the Islamist threat, regardless of the consequences it has had on her personally or professionally. It is extremely damaging to Mirahmadi to have CSP propagate lies about her and should lead one to truly question what would motivate them to instigate such an attack against her and against the integrity and judgment of Sheriff Clarke. Unfortunately, one can only assume it may be a personal vendetta out of petty jealousy or even hatred of everything “other”. Hopefully rational, loyal Americans will see through the lies and refuse to circulate such vicious attacks any further.