Media More Outraged at Ivanka Sitting in a Chair than Antifa Army Burning Hamburg

Today at the G20 meeting, Ivanka Trump briefly sat in a chair. The media utterly lost their minds. They also seemed to completely not notice the Antifa Army burning the streets of Hamburg outside the meeting.

Perhaps they do not think a woman should be representing the United States?

Ivanka was sitting in the back and then briefly joined the main table when the President had to step out, and the president of the World Bank started talking as the topic involved areas such as African development — areas that will benefit from the facility just announced by the World Bank.

When other leaders stepped out, their seats were also briefly filled by others, but the media didn’t seem to notice that, either.

Jake Tapper of CNN went even further and reported a complete lie, that Ivanka had been “deputized” as President of the United States.

Meanwhile, outside the meeting, an Antifa Army was burning down the streets of Germany, but no one in the media seemed to take notice:


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