Scoop: Trump in Talks with Cruz to Replace Sessions and Mueller

President Trump is talking to Senator Ted Cruz and others about what they would do differently as Attorney General, should Jeff Sessions resign, as reports indicate.

White House sources also report President Trump was truthful when he made comments expressing buyer’s remorse over appointing Jeff Sessions to the role.

Trump staffers believe Sessions, Donald Trump Jr, and Rohrabacher aide Paul Behrends were unfairly scapegoated due to the left-wing Russia narrative.

In addition, a replacement for special prosecutor Bob Mueller is being acitvely discussed as the President weighs the decision to fire the Rosenstein-appointed prosecutor. Many within the Trump camp see Mueller as acting in bad faith with the investigation due to partisanship, and are urging the appointment of a truly independent alternative.

Facing criticism as a political witch hunt by many, Bob Mueller has hired a who’s who of liberal activists as his team of prosecuting attorneys. Research on Muller’s prosecutors is being conducted for the administration by Chuck Johnson’s team.

Finally, top Trump donors are funding their own research operation independent of the White House in order to push back against the media’s fake Russia narrative conspiracy theory.