56 federal student loan repayment options? We can and should simplify.

Jack Remondi
Oct 12, 2016 · 1 min read
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When it comes to student loans, a top issue under discussion is income-driven repayment programs (IDR), which tie a borrower’s monthly student loan payment to his or her income.

Under the Obama Administration, enrollment in these programs has increased dramatically, and today one in four borrowers is in an IDR plan. Despite this success, the proliferation of plan options and increasing complexity in the system has created barriers for borrowers who could benefit from these programs.

Last year, I laid out a game plan for smarter student loans, and simplifying repayment programs, including IDR, was one of those recommendations.

I recently wrote about the need to simplify IDR in a Washington Post Grade Point opinion piece. Head over there to read about some of the biggest roadblocks borrowers are facing and our recommendations for addressing them.

Jack Remondi

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Jack Remondi is president and CEO of Navient, an asset management and business processing company that helps millions of people achieve financial success.

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