What actually affects a Happy Marriage Life

Divorce is the last resort one could think of to end a married life. But, the question is; would it really end your married life? What about the memories? What about the marriage? And a serious one is: What about the Children? Many people define matrimony with some references to God and Spirituality. However, the definitions of marriage are changing at an alarming rate. It seems, the social fabric is weakened by these weakening definitions. We would live our lives and we have already lived most part it, but, what about the coming generation? It is all fine, if one does not want to think of whatever happens after he is dead. But, don’t you think that would be a kind of Selfishness? Sure, this approach is going to affect his or her present life too. Therefore, human should at least have a credibility to save a married life, and off course, it takes a lot!

A second Shadi or a remarriage is not immoral. Everybody has the right to remain happy in the way they are. However, occurrences of frequent remarriages have another message too. It also means, people are not happy with their marriages, that is, their first marriages. What might signify an unhappy married life? Lack of mutual understanding, lack of similarity of taste, lost feelings of love, issues created by parents and immediate family members and even lack of sexual attraction are the most common causes of divorce.

Some people even castigate the new trends of online matchmaking and matrimony sites. Well, there is no sense of it at all. Because, what this websites do is only let a person find another person. It is only the candidates who fills up the matrimony registration form has to decide everything thereafter. It is to be understood that people create Shaadi Profile in a website only when they are willing to get married. And the accusation of replacing something innate and natural, such as finding a life partner with that of internet and technology is just null and void.

Here, we have point out some aspects that actually affect a happy married life.

Prioritizing the Differences

Suppose, Tamil brides are getting married to North Indian grooms. This cannot be a reason for unhappy married life. Because, if it would; it should have been considered before marriage, not after. In this forward moving society of today, idea such as Tamil matrimonials or a Tamil matrimony could be successful only between Tamils is a myth. Many Indians are happily married for years even with English. It is a time to focus on similarities rather than differences.

Friend Circle and Work Companions

Well, it is not an attempt to criticize a relationship such as friendship. They always have high stature in life. But, one should always keep family first and let also their friends do the same. Friends can be made, but not families. It might be the reason why Pink Floyd sang; “…if I were a good man, I would understand the Spaces between Friends.”

Wrong Priorities

Couples often go for and think over other’s opinions. This is the worst priority. Never let other’s thoughts ruin your peace. The rule here is; just don’t give a damn! Remember, your priority in is only your wife or husband.

Communication Gap

It happens most of the times that couples think their partner would understand ‘It’ without any communication. If you do think that, than you are wrong! Just Talk, Talk and Talk. Talk even if you don’t have anything to talk about.

Lack of Times Together

A good question is: How to remain romantic? And the best answer is: Just spent some time together. Remember, it is only the body that grows old, not the heart. Go for a movie, only two of you. Move out for a dinner, just two of you. Sit on that lonely bench in the park, just two of you. If you don’t have time for this, understand that it is your fault and you are being deliberate.

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